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Home DIY Projects Turn your toilet rolls into fun seed starter pots!

Turn your toilet rolls into fun seed starter pots!

Getting children involved in gardening is crucial to their development both emotionally and physically. Not only will they benefit from learning where the food they eat is coming from, but they will also learn a lot in terms of discipline, seeing projects through and get exercise without even knowing it.  To get them interested, make it fun.

We have shown you how to make a birdhouse, personalised steps, glow in the dark lights and so many other DIY projects on our blog but this one is our favourite…So far!  You do not need much to complete this project, so there really is no excuse to not do it.

You will need:
-Stanley knife (optional)
-Duct Tape
-Toilet roll holders
– Paint


The first thing you need to do is cut your toilet roll in half.  You can choose to do this with scissors or you can do this with a Stanley knife to produce a cleaner cut.

Toilet-Roll-planterOnce you have cut the toilet roll in half, create four slits in the tube that are parallel to each other. Fold the two opposite folds together, do the same for to the other two folds.  Stick duct tape over the bottom to ensure none of the soil escapes.




toilet-paper-roll-race-cars02Let your children paint these pots anyway they want, the brighter the better, they can have a theme to it or just make it as messy as they want.  It doesn’t matter, as long as they enjoy it.




5714142360_b668c2130fNow it is time to fill the half tube with soil. You want to fill it up so it is only approximately an inch away from the top of the roll.  Then press 2 seeds into each tube, ensure you read up on the depth the seed needs as each one are different, put these in a container.

Water the seeds and keep them in a warm location – a windowsill will work wonders.  Now you children can watch the seeds sprout.  When these are ready to be planted, simply remove the soil from the toilet roll starter, plant it into the ground and then let your children start all over again.

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