Swazi™ African Thatched Round Gazebo (10′10″ x 10′10″)

Swazi™ African Thatched Round Gazebo
Swazi™ African Thatched Round Gazebo

Swazi™ African Thatched Round Gazebo

Swazi™ African Thatched Round Gazebo

Swazi™ African Thatched Round Gazebo

Swazi™ African Thatched Round Gazebo

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Thatched Gazebo
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Standard Swazi™ 3.3m African Thatched Gazebo Specification:
external size EXTERNAL SIZE - 3300mm (10' 9") wide (this is the diameter measured to the outside of the roof overhang).
walkthrough height WALK THROUGH HEIGHT - 2220mm (7' 3") (no decking), 2050mm (6' 8") (with floor). Designed for Tall people - both our Company directors are 6'4" tall so we design our products to be suitable for use by people of any height, that's why you'll get a walk through height of at least 6'8" even if you buy the optional floor kit.
walkthrough width WALK THROUGH WIDTH - 1235mm (4' 1").
ridge height RIDGE HEIGHT - 3152mm (10' 4") Too tall? The Height of your Thatched Gazebo can be adjusted by simply sawing some of the bottom of the posts off, doing this will not affect the structural strength of the Gazebo!
internal eaves INTERNAL EAVES - 2400mm (7' 10") High (no decking), 2110mm (6' 11") High (with floor).
roof structure ROOF STRUCTURE - Our Roof Frames are hot dipped Galvanised and Guaranteed against structural failure for 10 years. Galvanisation is a lot better and more expensive form of protecting metal than zinc plating or simply painting the frame as some other companies do.
thatched roof THATCHED ROOF DESIGN - The thatch we use is genuine African Cape Reed Thatch for authenticity, it clips easily to the roof structure and is easy to install, we use a mixture of Heavy Duty and Standard tiles finished off with a Top Cone.
rounded logs ROUNDED LOGS   - All timber for the African Thatched Gazebo (except deck boards, table surface and bench seat) are round. 160mm (6") Main Posts are used to give a solid structure and a chunky look and feel to our Gazebo. We have found that many of our competitor’s gazebos usually supply posts of 100-125mm with some offering 150mm at an additional charge, never the 160mm that we supply as standard.
screw COMPONENTS SUPPLIED - We supply you with all the fixings needed for the assembly of your African Thatched Gazebo.
pressure treated PRESSURE TREATED TIMBER - All the timber in our African Thatched Gazebos carries a 10 year warranty against Insect Infestation and Fungal Decay. We use Tanalith ‘E’ Pressure treatment which is widely regarded as one of the best ways to preserve redwood timber. Also very importantly we treat the timber AFTER it has been cut to size we do not Ensele the timber. Enseling is brushing on the treatment to an end of the timber which has been treated as a full length and then cut, the cut ends are Enseled. As this is simply a brush application it does not have the same long lasting qualities as when the timber is treated in the pressure treatment plant. The timber we use is Redwood Pine, from the Baltic region and Russia, due to the colder climates this is a dense timber that has grown slowly and is a stronger and more stable timber than similar timbers from warmer regions.
floor STRONG FLOOR- The addition of decking creates a strong and sturdy base to stand on, which is simple to maintain and provides an alternative to laying down flooring materials (such as gravel/slate etc.). The 28mm (1") thick Deck Boards rest on 140mm (5") x 45mm (2") Bearers giving a very sturdy floor which is attached to the 6 main posts and does not need to be supported in the centre, due to the size of the timbers we use. The Pressure Treated Decking comes with heavy duty Weed Control fabric, which weighs 110g per square meter.
rapidpads RAPIDPADS™ (OPTIONAL EXTRA) - Our UNIQUE RapidPad™ foundation gives a very quick and easy installation method without the need for concrete and is Unique to Dunster House. It is very quick to level and is ideal if you plan to self install. Should you opt for our own teams of Installers (not subcontractors) to install your Gazebo for you then this system allows them to quickly do a professional job without the need for a concrete mixer. It also ensures that the timber will last longer because it forms a natural drip for water to be able to run off the timber quickly rather than being encased in concrete which due to the constant dampness caused by being in ground conditions will lead to the timber rotting more quickly. Any comparable timber used in architecture, if used correctly, is always used with a metal bracket to secure to concrete rather than simply sinking the posts into concrete for this reason. RapidPad™ installation is also much easier for you, the customer as it would take approx. 30 bags of ready mix concrete to concrete in the posts for other Gazebos.(Click here for more info!) RapidPads™ are available on all our Thatched Gazebos for an additional cost, see our optional extras below.
12 year RAPIDPAD™ 12 YEAR STRUCTURAL GUARANTEE-This guarantee is for Rapid Pads™. The RapidPad™ itself is galvanised so we offer our 12 year structural warranty against failure due to rust on these pads.
cracks PLEASE NOTE   - Cracks naturally occur within timber and will open and close to a degree with changing humidity. This is a natural property of timber and will not affect the structural strength of your Gazebo.
approx sizes AFRICAN THATCHED GAZEBO SIZES - Please be aware that all Dimensions and Calculations are approximate figures.

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FREE delivery for all orders over £1000 to Mainland England and Wales, some exceptions apply

Typically delivered typically within 5 working weeks for Mainland England and Wales 

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Fran Boeri - Sep 04, 2012
I am absolutely thrilled with my African round gazebo and it really is a great feature in the garden on our new patio, as can be seen in the photo. My only complaint would be that my guys who were erecting it found it very difficult to talk somebody in your customer service department when they needed to clarify some points in the instructions, which were not too clear. However, we are very pleased with the finished product.
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