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engineered timber                      heavy duty hinges                      28mm glazing

Introducing our brand new Double Glazed Deluxe™ Door & Window units available as an upgrade from the Premium units, on the majority of our Garden Buildings.


  • These units can add extra security and give you an enhanced finish.
  • We have developed the Deluxe™ units for 12 months to provide added benefits to your Log Cabin.
  • Having made PVCu windows and doors for over 15 years now we know how to make a long lasting, easy to operate and reliable Window and Door which offers great security at an amazing price!
  • Units are fitted with 28mm Toughened Glass Double Glazing (4mm unit, 20mm space, 4mm unit), which is thicker than any other level of glazing available on the log cabin market and so more thermal efficient.
  • Units are manufactured to European Standard EN1279, which prevents condensation forming between the panes.
  • We only use Toughened Glass which will provide you with added safety, as the glass is harder to break.
  • Both our Window and Doors feature double seal Gaskets, one on the Frame and the other on the Sash, to improve weatherproofing on the building.
  • The main elements of both the sash and frame on both Windows and Doors, are made from Engineered Timber.
  • The timber is laminated to reduce twisting and warping and maintain stability and strength (single sections of timber would warp without another piece being glued to them to counteract this).
  • Heavy Duty Easy-Adjust hinges are used, which allow adjustments to be made with an allen key, with no need to remove the sash, and have 2 points in the hinge, making them much stronger.
  • Your Deluxe™ units are finished with chrome handles which are the same product as we supply for our PVCu range of windows and doors, giving them a modern look and lasting appeal.
  • The locking mechanisms on both Windows and Doors are also taken from our range of PVCu windows and doors to ensure that they are tried and tested products that are reliable and secure.


Deluxe Single       Deluxe Single Plus       Deluxe Single HiTop       Deluxe Double       Deluxe Double Plus       Deluxe Double HiTop

reinforced brackets                      chrome handles                      gaskets

  • Multi-Point locking system (on the master door), and is of the same type supplied with modern domestic doors.
  • Concealed Shoot-Bolts (on the slave door), which means the doors cannot be opened, even from the inside, until they are unlocked.
  • 6 pin Euro cylinder completes the high security on the Deluxe™ Doors. This highly effective locking system is the same type of lock barrel you would find on a modern domestic door.


Deluxe Window            Deluxe Open Window            Deluxe Long Window            Deluxe Open Long Window

night vent                      restrictor                      outward opening

  • Deluxe™ Windows are provided with a Multi-Point locking system, with mushroom headed espagnolette locks,
  • The Espagnolette locks positively engage the keeps making it much harder to force open than a simple roller cam system.
  • Anti-Jemmy riser blocks are fitted, which prevent the window from being forced open by somebody pushing the sash downwards, which would otherwise disengage the locks.
  • A Concealed Restrictor is fitted, so it isn't visible when the window is shut; keeping the clean lines of the window intact.
  • This stops over-opening (restricting opening to 90 degrees).
  • The Restrictor also features an adjustable friction element which allows you to adjust how easily the window would move.
  • The Frame is also fully removable from the inside (not the outside) once fitted in the building, which allows easy re-adjustments to be made if needed.
  • As well as this, the sash is outward opening, which is normal for the UK as we like blinds/curtains etc. on the inside of a building.
  • Whereas on the continent (where most of our competitors products have been developed) they like inward opening windows with external shuttering.
  • One of the great advantages of outward opening windows, though, is that there is no need to rearrange the interior to open windows.

Premium Windows & Doors:

14mm glazing                      gaskets


  • Our Premium windows and doors are the Standard fit for our Log Cabins.
  • Made with laminated wood, the units are resistant to warping.
  • Double Glazing is available when specified.
  • At 14mm thick, the glazing's thicker than most competitors.
  • Manufactured to European Standard EN1279, which prevents condensation forming between the panes. (no other competitors have this).
  • When Double Glazed, the glass is toughened to BS6206, for safety and security.

threshold                      brass effect handles                      glazed panels

  • The doors come complete with locking latches and deadbolts, providing added security to your Log Cabin.
  • They are fitted with a Euro Cylinder barrel, with a set of keys for your Log Cabin.
  • The rebates to both the sash, and the frame, create a superior seal on your door.
  • Gaskets are also fitted, to aid in weather proofing.
  • The lower panels are glazed in, not screwed on, leaving a cleaner finish.
  • Glazing is internally beaded, preventing the glass from being removed from the outside.
  • Sculpted Georgian Bars (where specified) add a finishing touch to your doors, which actually touch the glass.
  • The doors come pre-jigged, which helps with the ease of hanging them.
  • Provided with a contemporary bronze effect handle set to finish the look of your Log Cabin.

stay arm

  • Our Premium Windows have glued in star-dowelled joints in the assembly process, rather than screw joints.
  • A Stay-Arm is supplied for the window, to insure constant operation without fault.
  • All the sashes open outward (unlike some other competitors whose open inward), giving you the freedom to arrange your interior freely.
  • Also fitted with Gasket Seals, which provide added weather proofing.
  • All our units are glazed with glass, not cheap perspex, like others may do.
  • The units come pre-hung, so no assembly is required when installing.
  • Being Internally Beaded, the glass can't be removed from the outside, adding extra security to your Log Cabin.

Not available on 28mm Log Cabins.