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5 Reasons You Should Have a Gazebo in Your Back Garden


Over the past decades, most homeowners have focused their home improvement dollars on the front of their homes. While the curb appeal is important in making a great first impression for visitors and in adding value to the home, little time is spent in the front of the garden. As a growing trend, more and more people are taking their improvement investments to the back garden. After all, your back garden is an extension of your inside space. But more importantly, it is your “oasis” – your place to escape for some fresh air and relaxation after a long day of work or activity.

But what are some of the popular changes that people make to their back gardens? The answer to this question can vary. Some people like to add swimming pools. Others like outdoor kitchens. But many homeowners love the look, function, and tranquility that comes from adding a gazebo. In fact, a gazebo, especially when paired with a lovely patio and outdoor kitchen space can help turn your backyard into your own personal oasis.

5 reasons why a gazebo is the perfect addition to your back garden

Though we all know that gazebos, especially when built with quality products, add value to a home, and of course they look pretty, oftentimes people don’t understand the true non-monetary value that these structures can bring.

1. A gazebo offers you the flexibility of a covered but enclosed or open-air seating area. Depending on where you live, you may prefer an open-air gazebo that has bench seating along the edges. This is a very traditional gazebo design that is popular amongst many homeowners. If you live in the north or in an area that is more prone to insects, you may prefer an enclosed approach that offers mosquito or insect netting to keep those pesky bugs away. Regardless of approach, the gazebo will shelter you from the rain while allowing for a nice place to get away as you enjoy the fresh air.

2. A gazebo creates an excellent patio or deck extension. Many homeowners like to put their deck tables in the center of their gazebo for eating purposes. This allows them to place outdoor furniture and sectionals (very popular) or chaise lounges on the deck. So, this creates the best of both worlds. Sun and fun on the deck side, and a nice meal or shelter from the sun within the gazebo.

3. Gazebos can be very cost-effective. These structures are relatively easy to build and most home improvement stores offer pre-measured or pre-cut gazebo kits that can speed up the installation process. Even if hiring out for the construction of your gazebo, the costs can be far less than other structures or additions that you might add to your yard. Outdoor kitchens (though they make a great counter-balance on the opposite side of your patio from your kitchen) can be exceptionally expensive and often need to be de-prioritised as a later phase in a garden enhancement project. Furthermore, with a gazebo, you can start enjoying the space right away compared with an extensive patio project that might need to be done in phases.

4. You can place your gazebo pretty much anywhere in the garden. Gazebos are quite versatile in where they can be placed. Many homeowners like to place their gazebos at the corner of a deck as an extension of the space. In other places, a gazebo creates a lovely focal point at the top of a hilly area or in the back corner of a lawn (especially if there is a need to block something that might not be as attractive on the other side). Gazebos can even be placed right in the middle of the garden (front or back garden). The beauty of a well-built gazebo means that it can go anywhere that you are looking to create some dimension in your garden.

5. Gazebos get you outside. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the gazebo is that it can encourage you to get outdoors. With how busy we all can get, sometimes we need a bit of a reminder to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. With a gazebo, you can head outside to enjoy a book, a meal, a glass of wine, or just for some quiet serenity and reflection as the sun goes down. With so many options to heat and cool, today’s gazebos, in many cases, can be used all year-round.

Gazebos do add value to your home as well. They can create a garden appeal, similar to that curb appeal that homeowners want in their front garden. While outdoor structures are not counted as part of the total square footage of your home, they provide both privacy and functionality of an indoor room. And, many buyers appreciate the look and oasis-like feeling that gazebos can provide. They can literally transform a space, and as a result, can increase your home’s value.


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