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Established 1994
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8 Reasons For Choosing Our Windows & Doors

Why us?

why us dunster house windows doorsDunster House Windors Doors Features Quality Dunster House Windors Doors Friction Hinges Steel

What to look for...

What do most people want when they buy windows and doors? We'd suggest it’s always a mixture of fashion and function - What they look like and how secure and reliable they are.

Experts in Manufacturing & Design

As Dunster House started life originally as a specialist uPVC manufacturer – many years ago – we like to think we know a thing or two about making both windows and doors. Put that together with our specialist skills in designing and making log cabins and they are the perfect partnership.

Getting the best for less

We believe our range is simply the best on the market – and to prove it, we use windows and doors as standard on our cabins at no extra cost.

Dunster House Windors Doors panels spruce timberDunster House Windors Doors single gasket sealsDunster House Windors Doors reduced twisting warping

Go compare

We are proud of the time effort we put into our unique designs.

With a little research we think you will agree ours are the standards that others need to measure up to:

  • 24mm glass Double Glazing* - thicker, for greater thermal efficiency

  • Manufactured to European Standard EN1279 - to prevent condensation between panes

  • Toughened glass - for increased security

  • Weatherproof gasket seals - to keep out the wind and rain

  • Part-laminated timber to reduce twisting and warping improving strength and stability

Doors with:

  • 6 pin Euro Cylinder lock - the same as a modern domestic door

  • Multi-Point locking (on the lead door) with 4 locking points(a locking catch, a hook bolt, and two opposing cams) – to prevent the door being lifted out of the locked position

  • Heavy Duty hinges – to stand up to extensive wear & tear

  • Low threshold doors - so you are less likely to trip

Windows with:

  • Multi-Point locking with espagnolette locks - harder to force open than other roller cam systems

  • Anti-Jemmy riser blocks – prevent being forced open by pushing the sash sideways

  • Outward opening windows - to accommodate any curtains and blinds

  • Domestic friction stays – so they open right up and hold in place

*where specified

Dunster House Windors Doors secure safety locks handlesTop Hung Sashes Dunster House Windors Doors

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