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Dunster House Ltd.
Established 1994
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Dunster House Ltd began as a windows and doors manufacturer in 1994. Read the article below to find out more about the windows and doors we use on our Garden Buildings. Or buy DIY uPVC windows and doors from Dunster House Windows & Doors.


key locking handles

multipoint locking system friction hinge

18mm bevelled panels on doors

gasket seals on windows and doors top hung window sashes 24mm double glazing engineered sashes to reduce twisting and warping


What to look for...
What do most people want when they buy windows and doors? We'd suggest it’s always a mixture of fashion and function - What they look like and how secure and reliable they are.


Experts in Manufacturing & Design
As Dunster House started life originally as a specialist uPVC manufacturer – many years ago – we like to think we know a thing or two about making both windows and doors. Put that together with our specialist skills in designing and making log cabins and they are the perfect partnership.


Getting the best for less
We believe our Deluxe range is simply the best on the market – and to prove it, we use Deluxe windows and doors as standard on most of our cabins at no extra cost.

Quite simply we don’t believe in compromising on quality!  


Go compare
We are proud of the time effort we put into our unique designs.

With a little research we think you will agree ours are the standards that others need to measure up to:



We use 4mm toughened glass in our windows and doors, for increased security and resilience. It's better than 3mm hortiultural glass which is commonly found in garden buildings, as it's much harder to break, as well as being much more scratch resistant than any of the plastic alternatives such as Styrene, Perspex or Acrylic.


Doors with:



Our doors use four different locking points to give you maximum security, including a locking catch, hook bolt and two opposing cams. The opposing cams move in opposite directions, locking the lead door to the secondary door, preventing the door from being lifted out of the locked position, whilst the hook bolt holds the two doors together in the other direction preventing them from being pried apart. This is combined with a 6pin Euro cylinder, the same type of lock barrel you would find on a modern domestic door, and just what most insurance companies ask for.


Windows with:



Our Windows also feature a multi point locking system, with mushroom headed espagnolette locks. Once the espagnolette locks engage with the keeps it makes it harder for the windows to be forced open as they hook underneath the edge of the keeps. This is an advantage over the simple roller cam system that can be found on some other garden buildings windows, and serves a similar purpose to the hookbolt we feature on our door locks. The windows also have anti-jemmy riser blocks fitted, these will prevent the windows from being forced open by somebody simply pushing the sash sideways and disengaging the locks, similar to the function of the opposing cams on the door lock.


*where specified

Quite simply we don’t believe in compromising on quality!  

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