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    pressure treated timber
    All of the Spruce used in the Bunnery is pressure treated to prevent rot and fungal decay. We cut and prepare the timber BEFORE pressure treatment to ensure the ends of the timber are also fully impregnated with the preservative. Many competitors often only dip treat their products or cut the timbers AFTER being pressure treated rendering the whole process pointless. The treatment we use, Tanalith E, is low maintenance so you will not have to retreat it for up to 10 years. The Spruce timber is harder to chew through than pine and is non-toxic so, if your bunnies do decide to nibble on it, it will not cause them any harm.
    Heavy duty weld mesh
    The Bunnery features heavy duty galvanised weld mesh. The H.E.A.R.T Standard showed that this grade of mesh fared better than any other mesh tested, all of which are typically used in hutches and runs sold on the market, to keep your rabbits safe from unwanted predators chewing their way in or your rabbits chewing their way out. By using 25mm x 25mm squares, your rabbits are unable to get their paws or head caught in between the bars which can result in suffocation or entrapment (making them easy targets for prey).
    interaction shed and hiding space
    The Bunnery is designed for use by two rabbits (as no rabbits should be housed alone, it makes them miserable). Any rabbit accommodation should have at least as many hiding places as there are rabbits, providing the space for an anxious or scared rabbit to hide from predators or other rabbits (after territorial disputes). Your rabbits have permanent access to their hiding space from the run via an access point. For humans, access is via a stable door so you can open the top half and check on your rabbits without running the risk of them escaping. The sleeping area within the interaction shed doubles as a bench so you can sit and spend time with your rabbits in their natural environment.
    Vantage Point
    Rabbits, when housed in appropriate conditions, are very active animals that like to crawl, hop and run about. To help them maintain muscle and bone strength, the Bunnery Shed contains a step for each rabbit so they can jump on and off it. These can also double as an extra vantage point as rabbits like to look around their surroundings.
    reversible run
    The uniquely designed rabbit accommodation allows you have the run on the right or left hand side. depending on the layout of your garden. Your Bunnery Shed will be delivered to you in panels for ease of construction. Both of the side wall panels will feature two access points at the bottom; one to grant unrestricted access to the sleeping area from the run, and the second to give access from the run to the interaction shed. When you have decided which side you want your run to go you simply fill both additional openings with the pre-cut timber provided and secure them with screws (also provided).
    fox guarding
    Foxes, cats, dogs and a whole host of other predators pose a threat to your bunnies. They don’t need to actually get to them, just the stress of seeing them can cause enough fear to kill them. The Bunnery features 320mm (12.5”) fox guarding around the entirety of the run area. This prevents your bunny becoming lunch should they be resting against mesh when a predator comes past and also makes them feel safer should a predator approach, reducing the chance of them dying from fear.
    sleeping area
    Your rabbits are crepuscular creatures so like to rest throughout the day and are active at twilight. For them to be happy and healthy, they must have unrestricted access to all areas of their accommodation throughout the day. They can enter the 25mm x 35mm sleeping area via a ‘rabbit flap’ at the rear of the Bunnery Shed which prevents heat getting out through an open gap. The entire sleeping area is raised 30mm off of the floor to prevent damp and prolonged exposure to the cold. The Sleeping Area features a 10mm gap which helps decrease the build-up of carbon dioxide and ammonia which can both lead to respiratory diseases. This is intended for use with insulation: Unless you are using your Bunnery as very occasional accommodation (i.e. you have house rabbits), you should insulate your sleeping area so your rabbits have increased heat and sound retention.
    wood plastic composite
    We use Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) throughout our Bunnery. The strong, durable material requires very little maintenance to maintain its high-quality finish. The hard-wearing material does not corrode and is highly resistant to rot and fungal decay, so you don’t have to worry about anything but keeping your rabbits happy.
    floor included
    The Bunnery Shed comes with a 10mm MFP board as standard, preventing your bunnies from digging their way out or foxes digging their way in. The floor has drainage holes throughout to prevent the accumulation of urine and providing increased ventilation to stop the build-up of ammonia which can be fatal to rabbits.  The floor is delivered to you preassembled with 35mm x 25mm pressure treated bearers underneath. These bearers have been treated with Tanalith E making them less susceptible to rot and fungal decay, a crucial element to any structure continually exposed to the damp, cold floor.
    stable door
    The Bunnery Shed features a stable door which has two points of access. Therefore, the owner can open the top part of the door to check on their rabbits without them escaping. You can simply open both to gain access to the sleeping area when you need to clean it out. The door features two strong steel shoot bolts to ensure you are the only one that can enter and exit the Bunnery Shed.

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I bought this last year as I needed a hutch for my two rabbits that I didn't have to bend down to clean out, This hutch is not worth the money I paid the material is of poor standard it leaks and the hutch has to be wrapped in plastic not just on the run part but by the stable door as the rain comes in there too. The roof we've covered with a tarpaulin the concept is good but poor quality after shelling out almost £700 I'm now loking at having to buy another housing for my rabbits.
By - lesley Rawson on Jan 21,18

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