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Lines are open until 8:00PM
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    17g mesh
    We use heavy duty 17g galvanised mesh for our BunnyBunker, which is up to four times stronger than many of the 19g hutches and runs sold on the market. The 19mm x 19mm squares prevents your rabbits getting their paws trapped, as this can leave them easy prey to any unwanted predators in your garden. This mesh not only prevents predators getting at your bunnies but stops your bunnies from chewing their way out.
    All of the timber used in the BunnyBunker is pressure treated against rot and fungal decay. . We force the treatment deep within the timber after cutting and prepping it meaning the end grain will suck up more moisture than the face grain. Our competitors will often dip treat their products or cut at the ends after being pressure treated rendering the whole process pointless. The treatment we use, Tanilith E, is low maintenance so you will not have to retreat it for up to 10 years. The timber is harder to chew through and is non-toxic so if your bunnies do decide to nibble on it will not cause them any harm.
    Insulated Sleeping Area
    Rabbits feel safest when they are enclosed and warm. Our insulated sleeping area consists of 25mm thick Polyurethane sandwiched between two wood plastic composite panels making it in total 35mm (1.5 inches) thick in the walls, roof, door and floor. By insulating the floor, walls and roof of the sleeping area you can be confident that your rabbits stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The polyurethane insulation we use is more thermally efficient than your typical loft insulation.  Our competitors do not offer any sort of insulation within their hutches at all, typically only 3-5mm of plywood or similar, leaving the rabbits well and truly out in the cold.
    We use WPC throughout our BunnyBunker. This thick, durable material is extremely resistant to excessive temperatures meaning it requires very little maintenance to retain its top quality condition. The wood plastic composite does not corrode and is highly resistant to rot and decay, much like our pressure treated timber. So all you have to do once you’ve constructed it is sit back and enjoying your rabbit’s playtime.  
    The RWAF recommends a minimum hutch size of 6' x 2' x 2' with a run size of 8' x 6' which should be attached. The enclosure should give your rabbits room to hop, binky, explore and periscope along with space for a separate toilet, feeding and sleeping area. RWAF standards have played a vital aspect in the design of the BunnyBunker with every aspect being designed around what they recommend. 
    protection from elements
    By having such a large WPC surface, we can keep your rabbits safe from the extreme weather conditions that Britain throws at us, such as heavy rain and heavy sunlight. To ensure the rabbits' temperature is regulated the WPC surface offers them plenty of shade and reduces the chance of your rabbits overheating. The combination of pressure treated timber and WPC keeps your BunnyBunker rot and fungus free – vital for the health of your bunnies and longevity of their enclosure.
    We want to make sure your bunnies are safe, both when you’re there and when you aren’t, which is why we use durable zinc plated hinges and locks to secure the doors of the BunnyBunker. The zinc coating makes your fixings more durable to the harsh weather that the British weather can throw your way. This protection also makes it harder for your rabbit to chew its way out when you’re not there, so you can rest safe in the knowledge your bunnies are safe.
    fox guarding
    Foxes, cat and dogs all pose a threat to your bunny. Our BunnyBunker features 140mm high fox guarding to keep predators from nibbling on your rabbit as it sleeps against the side of the enclosure.

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