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Cabin Roof mounted unit

We also supply a Cabin Roof Mounted Standard unit, which can perform depending on the elevation and question of reasonable Solar Radiation Levels during the various months of the year. Average Radiation Levels during the winter months in the Southern areas of the UK are in the region of 700W/m². Generally our wall mounted solar air heaters are 6% more effective than the roof mounted versions.

We identified the following results during tests on April 2nd 2011 between 12.00 hours and 13.00 hours. Test units facing South. Generally the day was bright but overcast with a little diluted sunshine. Other test results are on our webpages.

Wall Mounted MK2

Vertical Installation slightly overshadowed by trees.


Solar Radiation Level



External Air Temperature

17° Celsius


Vent Incoming Air Temperature

29° Celsius



Roof Mounted MK2

Unit mounted on a PremiumPlus Severn Cabin at 5° from the horizontal.


Cabin Size:

5m x 4m, average internal height 2.2m


Nominal Internal Size:

20m² and 44m²



Solar Radiation Level

12.00hrs 700W/m².



External Air Temperature

17° Celsius


Incoming Air Temperature

38° Celsius


Room Temperature [44m³ Cabin]

19° Celsius


Air Flow

Approx 20cfm




13.00hrs 450W/m².



Incoming Air Temperature

Increased to 46° Celsius



Approx 30cfm


Air Changes Recommended per room/area per hour
Bedroom 2
Bathroom 3
Toilet 3
Living Room 3
Kitchen 10
Office 6