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Canopy Gazebo Foundations

With our range of Canopy Gazebos you need to fix the Gazebo to the ground using the large coach screws or concrete fixing bolts we provide. This means you have two main choices when it comes to the foundations for the building.



Timber Decking or similar


If you already have, or plan to put down, timber decking under your Canopy Gazebo you’ll find yourself able to fix down to it using the coach screws provided. Screwing through the metal foot pads (also supplied) and into your timber boards.


Concrete or similar (Paving Slabs – but not directly into the slab)


If you already have a concrete base, or plan to put one in, then you can use the bolts, complete with concrete shield fixings, that we provide with your Canopy Gazebo to fix the metal foot pads (also supplied) into the concrete. As a few ideas, you may choose to have a full concrete slab, or you may just want spot foundations in the places where the legs are positioned. If you do go for spot foundations then each spot will need to be roughly 1 cubic foot of concrete (1 foot by 1 foot by 1 foot in size). You’ll find that with our 100mm long bolts you can even lift up existing patio slabs to put spot foundations of concrete underneath those slabs before then drilling through your patio slabs so that the concrete shield fits into the concrete underneath, and expands into the concrete rather than into the patio slab above (which may otherwise break the slab). You could also choose to have printed concrete for a patio type effect or to cover your concrete in bouncy play type surfacing in a colour of your choice, or a resin bonded stone. So long as there is concrete for the shield anchors to fix into then you can have a variety of different toppings to suit your back garden.



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