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Choosing a Vet - Rabbits Are 'Exotics'



Rabbit CloseupAll pets should be registered with a veterinary practice, where they can go for routine check ups, vaccinations, advice and emergency treatment. All veterinary surgeons must be registered by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), you can find an accredited practice on their website.


Rabbits are classed as ‘Exotic Pets’ (An ‘exotic’ is basically considered to be anything that isn’t a cat, dog, fish or common farm animal). [61] Make sure your vet is specialised in the care of bunnies and has the relevant knowledge, experience and facilities.


Travelling a long distance for the right vet is fine, but remember, you’ll still need to source a local vet who can help in emergencies.


For emergency help and advice, you can contact VetFone, a 24 hour telephone service, where calls are handled by experienced and qualified veterinary nurses.