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You are embarking on a journey of constructing a long-term product for your home and you should allow time to understand and check the instructions, parts and nature of the materials that you will be using, this may take hours to days depending on the size of the project that you are undertaking. The assembly process will vary according to individual abilities and complexity of the project. Any indication given in our website or literature as to time required to assemble a product must be deemed as approximate as wood is a natural product and may require manipulation prior to assembly. In the event that some of the timbers are warped and prove difficult to assemble, competent manipulation, e.g. light wetting, sensible weight application and slowly (over a few days if necessary) heating or cooling can overcome the majority of warping to allow assembly.


Wood is a natural product and all trees are different with different properties. These properties can include colour differences, warping, twisting, shakes, splits, knots, knot holes and varying surface finishes and are part of the natural properties of this type of material. These properties are normal for externally used timber, and cannot be guaranteed against. Sometimes deep and wide shakes and cracks can appear unsightly but we have calculated for these in our designs. Minor adjustments may have to be undertaken on site due to the nature of timber.


The Most Important:


It is most likely that the product you are purchasing from us will be made from timber which is commonly used in temperate and arctic conditions. Timber is a beautiful material to purchase and to build with however, even once it is chopped up in logs and no longer treelike it is still very much living and controlled by the uncontrollable. The uncontrollable being one of the most talked about topics in the UK – the weather! Come rain or shine, treated or untreated, hot or cold, timber will react in weird and wonderful ways.

Timber will:



We understand how important your purchase will be to you and the excitement of the many wonderful ways you will use and decorate your product however below is some general advice and guidance:



Log Cabins


You will likely have to (regardless of who installs the product and what log cabin you purchase):



Climbing Frames


You will likely have to carry out maintenance on your climbing frame regardless if you or a 3rd party install your climbing frame:



Garden Offices


You will likely have to (regardless of who installs the product)



Other Products (we sell lots of other products however have narrowed down to the key points)


Some customers like to modify their product by covering the floor however we would recommend that you check with your chosen floor covering supplier that it is suitable to fit over the top of spruce floorboards. This could potentially lead to rotting floor boards.


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