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Hopefully you’ll never need to contact our Customer Service department but if you do need to, it’s reassuring to know we’re here waiting to answer your query! 

Our Customer Service department will deal quickly in writing with any issues you may have after delivery. For any pre-delivery queries, we will forward your enquiry to the relevant department to be dealt with and you will receive a reply as soon as possible, depending on the nature of your query.

It‘s true we do prefer to be old fashioned and use emails or webforms rather than recording phone calls from our customers. The reason behind this is that when it‘s written everyone can access it easily and keep a record of how the query is getting dealt with!

Contact details are at the bottom of this page.

So why do we deal with your customer queries by email rather than phone? There are a number of reasons: 

1) Emails allow you to keep a record of what‘s been said. Phone calls don‘t allow you to keep a record. So, unlike others, we don‘t make false promises and then leave the customer to chase us up to get action with no proof of what‘s been agreed.

2) It allows complex technical queries to be resolved with the correct department in a fast and efficient manner.


3) The Managers within our Company are able to easily see what answers to questions our customers are getting and if issues are being dealt with fairly and quickly.

4) It helps us to retain our trained staff. Unfortunately there are some customers who can be abusive when they don‘t get what they want, regardless as to whether or not what they want is in the least bit reasonable. By keeping our communications in writing our staff avoid this unpleasantness and as a consequence we retain our technically trained customer services staff to answer ALL of our customers queries more quickly and efficiently than would otherwise be the case. We know one of our largest competitors now outsources their customer services telephone calls to an overseas call centre who will never have even seen their products. So we really think that having a technically minded person contactable by e-mail is a far better option.

5) We frequently send out pdf instructions by e-mail and ask customers for photographs to better understand technical queries so it makes sense to start communicating by e-mail for this reason also.

Please bear in mind that whilst we try to answer all queries in the same day, if you contact us with a complex query then this may take more time as we consult with other departments. In this case we will send you an email informing you of this delay. 

Other things we do to ensure the highest Quality Control: 

1) We run weekly reports which are given to all Senior Managers and Directors to ensure that our standards are kept high and to allow feedback where needed. 

2) We also send these weekly reports to our family's Manufacturing Companies. Any problems are immediately reported to the people who are making the products so that they don‘t occur in future. 

3) In all of our families Manufacturing Factories we have Quality Control Managers to ensure high standards whilst the products are being manufactured; we also photograph most of the products during packing to keep a record of this. 

Most of our customers will never need to contact our Customer Service Department, but if you do have any questions, we have a dedicated team of people waiting to answer your query. Please remember to read the assembly instructions first. Both the instructions and the screws are packaged within your goods so please unwrap it if you think they‘re missing prior to contacting us – this is our most common reason for people contacting us. 


How to contact our Customer Service team


By email to 


By post to Customer Services, Dunster House Ltd, Factory 1, Elms Farm Industrial Estate, Caxton Road, Bedford, MK41 0LF 


Or by using our quick and simple Web Form.


When contacting us Please quote your Order Number so that we can readily find details of your order (it begins with SO and is on your Delivery Note, Order and Invoice paperwork).

Opening times are: Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm 

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