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Do you need a building to be ventilated and unconnected to the mains or a battery? Do you want free heat?

The improvements in building techniques and materials over the past 40+ years have resulted in vast improvements in making a building air tight. These improve the energy efficiency in the building and reduce heat-loss, however a major unwanted side effect is that restricted air movement creates stale air causing 'sick building syndrome'. Mould, moisture and dust remain in the atmosphere of a building and can cause or increase the effects of many health problems such as asthma and bronchitis as well as degrade the fabric of the building.

Many of the things we do create moisture - washing, showering, laundry, cooking and even boiling the kettle for a cup of tea or coffee. The effect of all these moisture creating functions can add up to around twenty five litres of water generated into a home for a family of four. Unless your home has good ventilation the constant increase in moisture in the building can produce high 'Relative Humidity' levels leading to mould growth and generally 'Stale Air'.

Free Ventilation when used as a solar air extractor

Why do you need to ventilate?
1) To help to maintain the fabric of a building by reducing damp
2) To improve the health and well-being of other occupants
3) Reduce costs in expensive cleaning and refurbishment  of all enclosed buildings, particularly non-used buildings such as mobile site offices and many other properties as detailed below.

Why Solar Powered?
1) A source of ventilation that is not connected to the grid or batteries
2) Reduces your carbon footprint
3) The energy is free to activate the fan motor
4) On Grid Energy prices to go up by 60% by 2016
5) Powered by a strong 15Watt Solar Panel
6) Low cost unit
7) Ideal as a supplementary ventilation system for all off-grid solutions and even for some grid connected situations
8) Ideal for introducing warm air from a conservatory securely into a room. Your home can enjoy a source of 'automatic' pre-warmed air even if your home is unoccupied whilst you are at work or away for some hours
9) A neat solution to many applications.

Conservatory Owners

If your conservatory faces south then this acts as a 'Heat Dump' that can be used to bring pre-warmed air into a home. Why pay money to heat air when you have a free source of warm air when the suns shines?

Free ventilation when used as a solar air intractor

This slimline gravity vent cover is used when you are using our solar fan, single direction air-flow only, to be placed on the wall of a conservatory when using the solar fan to be an 'intractor' bringing pre-warmed conservatory air into a room, reducing your heating bills.

The key advantage is that on a south facing conservatory, that gets warm in the sunny winter days, you reduce the heat loss through the windows and roof of your conservatory by bringing the warm air into your room. Using gravity flaps reduces a contra airflow back to the outside of a room, retaining the heat in your building during the 'non-operational' hours, when direct radiation levels are non-existent.

Again a new and innovative concept by Dunster House Ltd in heat reducing methods that will save money each year, despite rising fuel costs. This system can increase temperatures in an insulated 1500 cubic ft room, with a closed door by approximately 3ºC in 3-4 hours with reasonable radiation levels into your conservatory.

Should you be away from home this product can work independently without compromising the security of your home or other property. Not being connected to the grid, subject to reasonable radiation levels as described above, it will continue to operate and produce a free heating supplementary action.


Energy costs will only continue to rise. Help to stop the waste now!