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We deliver our garden buildings to mainland United Kingdom (England, Wales and Scotland). Some exceptions apply; these are illustrated on the map below.

Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details. FREE delivery on selected products over £200 to mainland England and Wales.
*Excludes rabbit products which are subject to a delivery charge.

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Green - £19.99 delivery fee on all orders under £200.
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If you cannot provide an able bodied person to offload the vehicle with the help of our driver, we can provide additional manpower with our Assisted Delivery Service. The driver will arrive with some help to unload the lorry, meaning that you can put your feet up.

We offer this service on all items that are delivered, we do not offer this on our couriered products. Prices for this service can be found on individual products.

Should you require further information on our standard or assisted delivery services, please contact a member of our Sales Team.

Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details.

Double Glazed Window Panel

The image above shows a brief reference to how your products will arrive. All of our garden buildings are made from kiln dried quality graded timber, if it is to be stored prior to construction and treatment all parts must be covered to prevent moisture from warping and rotting the timber.

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There are currently no reviews for this product, but here are reviews for other similar products.
Average Seller Rating:

Easy and clear instructions provided, but DO study them well (for at least a week!) and thoroughly understand them before starting. Make early decisions of where downlights and electricals are going to go, as it is then easy to make provisions/run/hide cables as you progress and before the floor and ceiling go in. Would also recommend organising the pieces around the site, so they are easy to identify and 'appear' in roughly the right order - hunting through a heavy stack to find a buried critical piece is not fun! We did take ~6 person days to properly prepare the space, level the ground and run the armoured electrical and data cabling in first, then 2 person days to assemble and level the bearers on the RapidPads. The rest of the structure took 8 person-days (using two/three competent-ish, but not massively strong people!) to complete the external structure and weatherproof it. Tip : The 11 large wall panels are very heavy and awkward to manoeuvre, and especially when aligning and 'slotting' together, and you desire to keep your fingers - we used some old rubberised grab rails screwed temporarily to the outside cladding to provide the lifting power (2 folk lifting, one "steering"/"persuading" the panels to lock together). Engaged a plasterer to skim the inside, then after plaster had thoroughly dried (5 days), completed the internal work (apply trims, coving, painting, downlights, trunking, sockets, and finally, floor covering.
By - Andy Daw on Jan 13,17

A fantastic product with easy to follow instructions. It's been a great addition to the garden and I look forward to writing inside come christmas.
By - Victoria Warner on Oct 25,16

As an architect with 40 years experience, I took my time researching a building that I would be proud to invite my clients to visit as well as give me independence from the house. The joys of finally giving up the constant trudge into the City and back each day, losing 5 hours of my personal time. The Lienne ticked all the right boxes and I chose to self build with an extra window to look out over both garden and side orchard. I am overjoyed with the result and have received many admiring comments from friends and clients alike. I believe two friends are going through the process of submitting orders. I was surprised to the amount of kit even down to finishing plaster and rubber gloves. Pluses: Once the base is laid. I chose slabs. 1. Easy erection although some sections will require help of two others 2. Hardly any cutting required Minuses: (Criticisms actually) 1. All parts need stickers identifying the parts in relation to the instructions. I spent a day and a half measuring all the individual parts and stacking them as required. 2. There is no clear instruction as to fitting the glazing bars when fitting the Windows. It's a case of mastering the knack, but when I phoned for help I was told that they could email me back. Not weary helpful when half way through 3. Ceiling may well need trimming Tips: 1. Buy yourself an impact driver, you will be forever in love with it. £85.oo well spent 2. Seal any gaps between floor and walls with expanding foam, before floor finish. 3. Borrow a 3m square straight edge for lining up.
By - Dave Cregan on Sep 12,16 Dunster House reply:
Dear Dave. Thank you for your review and your feedback. We are really glad that you are happy with your Garden Office. We will take into consideration the points you've mentioned.

Very impressed with our garden office. The installation service was great. One star dropped because we needed the doors replacing as faulty ones were delivered - but Dunster sorted this very quickly. Overall we are happy and are enjoying using our new space.
By - david monckton on Sep 04,16

I am very pleased with the Theodore Garden Office. It looks great at the bottom of my garden and it is a perfect space for work. The people from Dunster House were very helpful and the delivery guys were fantastic.
By - Claudia McFarlane on Aug 26,16

I am very happy with my new office. It was rather more expensive than other options but I think is worth it as it is a quality product and looks amazing. Hopefully it will add value to our property too. Friends have commented that it should win architecture awards. I think it wasn't what they expected when I said I was putting a shed in the garden! I was impressed by the team that installed it. They worked hard and completed it on time. It seems to be well constructed and is comfortable to work in. I'd definitely recommend this product. If you get this remember you need to fit your own flooring. It might have been good if that could be an optional extra. Perhaps it already is?! You will also need to get an electrician to hook it up to the mains.
By - Hugh Townsend on Aug 16,16 Dunster House reply:
Dear Hugh. Thank you for your review. We are really glad that you're happy with your new garden office. Our Theodore Garden Offices are sold with a floor made of 45mm Insulated SIP Panel (10mm MFP / 25mm Insulation / 10mm MFP), but we do not sell any carpets.

Absolutely delighted with the product, looks fantastic in the garden and our builders said it was really easy to assemble. Service was great from start to finish from Dunster house and I now have a beautiful garden office to work from with enough space for the kids to play in too.
By - Rhona Cloherty on Aug 02,16

We wanted a working space at the top of our uphill garden which would command the magnificent view that we do not get from the house. The Lienne MKIII has proved exactly right in terms both of internal space and of openness to the outside world. It also sits well in its natural surroundings: good clean modernist lines without making a brash statement. It is thoroughly well-designed, uses high-quality materials (excellent insulation, and a really thick roofing membrane, for instance), and gives a real sense of solidity. I would say that this is an excellent product. I decided to assemble it myself (I should perhaps mention that I am a complete and ageing amateur), and this has given me particular insight into its construction, which has been very carefully thought out. Apart from the help of two strong men for the really heavy work of putting the wall-panels together (and the services of a professional plasterer and electrician), I completed the whole project virtually single-handed. For the sake of complete transparency, I should mention that I encountered a few small issues along the line: minor deficiencies and inconsistencies in the instruction manual, and a wrongly supplied part, but I was in the end able to overcome the former, and the latter was resolved by the company to my satisfaction. These are insignificant incidents in the context of the whole project, which I have enjoyed, and the results of which give us all great pleasure.
By - Nicholas Mann on Apr 30,16

Good afternoon. You recently delivered a Lienne III garden office. I have to say that the negative reviews online are all complete bollocks - the delivery guys were great, a window unit that smashed on delivery was replaced inside of a week without me even getting in touch, and the quality of the building is as good as I expected. THANK YOU. However, there was one piece missing - the guttering and guttering clips. Would you be able to have these delivered at some point? Thanks a lot, Mike Potts
By - Mike Potts on Mar 02,16 Dunster House reply:
Hi Mike. Thank you for your review. Our customer service has been warned and will be able to look into it. Our apologies. We hope you enjoy your new Garden Office.

Recently I bought a Lienne MK III from Dunster House. It was installed in Dec 2015. The installation went very well and finished on time (in spite of a day being lost due to the van transporting the installers breaking down]. I am very pleased with the finished product and the quality of the building. There was a small problem with one of the light fittings, but the fitting was promptly replaced by the company.
By - Athar Shareef on Jan 19,16

absolutely delighted. From meeting the salesman, ordering, and delivery can find no faults. the office has now been erected and I can honestly say it is better than I expected. Great value for money. My son also ordered his earlier this year and again delighted.
By - Fred Harper on Dec 24,15

we purchased this after having a good look around and found the ability to go to a show room and see the building ourselves helped in the final decision If you are interested in one of these I advise you to visit and see for yourself. I opted for the plastic feet rather than my own concrete base and I'm glad I did a lot less hassle as they can level it up themselves also had an excellent team of fitter that did a great job and tidied up every day very happy with end result and with a small oil filled radiator nice and warm on cold days the kids love it with a wifi extender plugged in they are happy to play for hours the only thing extra we added was more plug sockets as it only comes with 2 as standard we added another 6 to make 2 on each wall as its a big space.
By - malcolm barker on Dec 08,15

The garden office is just what we wanted It will provide us with separate space to watch TV when big sporting events are on, as well as being able to use it as an office. It is very well insulated and attractive to look at.
By - Lynne Spencer on Sep 20,15

Just finished installing the Lienne MKIII, after lots of research we kept coming back to Dunster House. Visiting the show room helped us make our final decision, the staff were very helpful and being able to see the product was very reassuring. We found it to be best value for money in its class and the build quality is superior to many we looked at. After ordering the building it turned up 2 week later than originally quoted but this was the only real negative. Once we received delivery everything was as documented, assembly instruction were very clear and detailed and nothing was missing. All things considered we are very happy with our garden building and the service we received from Dunster House.
By - Caroline Mooring on Jul 09,15

The ordering process is very simple and the advice by the Dunster team very helpful albeit you do have to be a little technically minded when it comes to the base specifications which i am not. The communication flow from order to delivery is spot on. The best part of the whole process is the Team who come to build the office as they are such hard workers and really concentrate on the attention to detail and are very proud of their work. They find a solution to all challenges that arise and communicate very well to you throughout the process.
By - Scott Newland on Apr 22,15

Excellent design, very good value for money compared to competitors. Relatively easy to put together.
By - Matt Tamayo-Myerson on Oct 13,14

We chose the Lienne for our garden office and have not been disappointed. The team who built it were great and produced a top quality building. The insulation works well and with some blinds, it should remain relatively cool during the warmer weather and warm in the winter. We had the Rapipad option as our ground was not quite level. The system works well, however we did feel the need to add some decking to hide the feet. We also had the decking link up to the Birgi shed, which matches in nicely with the Lienne building. Would highly recommend this to anyone wishing to have a quality garden office.
By - Andrew Berry on Jul 04,14

Very pleased with my new Alexander office. Excellent value. Excellent installation by Simon and J. It is surprisingly well insulated and is warmer than my house. Looks better in real life than in the computerised image. Would thoroughly recommend this product and the installation service.
By - Tom Siddons on Jul 04,14

Excellent service from start to finish , no fuss , job well done , David Doyle Oakley Studios Luton
By - David Doyle on Jul 03,14

5/5 - we ordered the Lienne Office building and are extremely pleased with the finished result. We had a concrete base prepared by a local company. Dunsterhouse team came and built the building and finished the interior. We then had an electrician to connect the building to the main house fuse board. Dunsterhouse team worked extremely hard completed their part within a week. Currently very cosy with just one small oil filled rad!!
By - Jo C on Jul 03,14

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