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About Using an Eco Composting Toilet

If you are looking to install a toilet outside, then the ideal solution is to opt for an eco composting toilet. As the name suggests, an eco toilet is environmentally friendly and can help to save money, energy and water. 

Timber Eco Composting Toilet

Eco toilets are commonly referred to as ‘waterless toilets’ because they don’t use water in the toilet system, or ‘composting toilets’ as the waste is composted. 

They don’t require any electricity, water or drainage to work, so don’t need to be plumbed in or connected to a mains power source. This makes them ideal for use in rural or outdoor locations, such as gardens, farms, camping or glamping sites, holiday homes, festivals, allotments, golf courses etc. They are the perfect option for a public toilet in a holiday park or at an event.

An eco composting toilet is the ecological solution to sustainable living. The process of composting uses natural resources and no chemicals. It doesn’t produce any pollution, making it better for the environment. The composting process protects groundwater, surface water and soil from sewage pollution. It also helps to avoid a build up of hazardous pathogenic waste.

Eco Composting Toilet Interior Seat and SinkEco Composting Toilet Reusable Waste Containers Storage

The inclusion of a urine diversion system enables the solid waste and urine to be immediately separated. This allows the waste to be collected and stored for use at a later time for compost or fertiliser. 

Separating the solid and liquid waste also helps to remove unpleasant odours as it stops the bacterias from combining. This means it does not have a chance to sit and ferment. The mixture of bacteria is what produces a lot of bad smelling odours commonly associated with portaloos.  

Another method is to use peat on the waste. Peat initiates the composting process and absorbs moisture. The absorption of moisture from the waste prevents fermentation. This then helps to reduce unpleasant odours. The antiseptic properties of the peat help to keep it safe and sanitary.

Eco Composting Toilet Seats Urine Diversion SystemEco Composting Toilet

Providing the waste has been collected and stored following the correct procedures, and that it has been left for an adequate amount of time, there is no reason why it can’t be reused. The fertiliser produced from the waste will contain beneficial nutrients for soil. Before using or disposing of any waste products, you should always check with your local authority. Be sure to not use waste over any areas growing food products. 

At Dunster House, we have a range of eco toilets, including the Arctic Toilet, Timber Toilet and WPC Toilet. Our eco toilets all work using the basis of composting. They have been designed to be ecological, well ventilated, low maintenance, and quick and easy to install. 

Dunster House Arctic Eco Composting ToiletDunster House Timber Eco Composting ToiletDunster House WPC Eco Composting Toilet

Our Eco Composting Toilets are solar powered so don’t require any mains electricity. The solar panel on the roof charges a 12V battery. This powers a pump that provides clean water to the sink for washing your hands. This also powers a multi-charging point that can be used to charge your mobile phone. 

Eco Composting Toilet 12V Solar PanelEco Composting Toilet Charging Point Solar Powered

In addition, there is a solar power assisted fan in the ventilation pipe. This actively helps to draw out odours from the building, and direct air flow through a fixed vent in the wall.

The Arctic Toilet and WPC Toilet are made from hard wearing wood plastic composite (WPC). This is a highly durable material that is resistant to rot and decay so will last a long time. The properties of this material give it the benefit of being easy to maintain. WPC is also light to carry, so the toilet can be easily transported for installation in a remote outdoor location. 

The Timber Toilet is made using 19mm thick tongue and groove timber walls. The timber we use is slow grown spruce as it is more stable than other woods, such as pine. There is less chance that the wood will shrink, warp or split. 

The toilet cubicle sits on floor bearers that are pressure treated to protect them from rot and insect infestation. The access step is also pressure treated for longevity and low maintenance

A toilet that is in use outside or in a public area needs an element of privacy. Our Arctic and WPC Toilets feature a sliding bolt to lock the cubicle from the inside. A notifier shows when the building is engaged or vacant. The door can be secured from the outside with the latch. This helps to keep the door closed, and stop it swinging open when the toilet is not in use.

Eco Composting Toilet Secure Door Interior Lock BoltEco Composting Toilet Door Lock Latch Secure Exterior

If you are interested in an easy to install outdoor ecological toilet system, then take a look at our range of Eco Composting Toilets.

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