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Garden Office Construction
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Building a Garden Office


The first step to building a garden office is installing a flat and level base for your office to sit on. This can be achieved by either constructing your own suitable base such as concrete or using one of our RapidPad foundation systems. Information on the RapidPad foundation system can be found here.


Start off your foundations by digging an area the size of your garden office that's 30-40mm deep. Then flatten the earth and lay down the weed control membrane. 



Making sure that the weed control membrane is flat and the ground is level, attach the base and pedestals to the grids provided, evenly spaced out around the base of your garden office.


Now that the foundations have been laid it's time to start building your garden office! Carefully lay out the pressure treated bearers, including the ones for the decked porch.
If you're using the PremiumPlus RapidPad attach the bearers to the pedestals. Now you know exactly where your garden office is going to be. Insert the insulated wall panels of your office, attaching them to the floor bearers. Once all of your walls are up, insert the insulated wall panels of your office.



Your office is taking shape, now it's time to start making it secure and weather proof. Add the outer door and windows onto your office now. Once the door is in place, slot in the wooden panels for your decked porch.





It's now time to raise the roof! Fix the roof bearers to the top of the wall panels and lay the insulated roof panels on top of the roof bearers. The roof insulation now needs fixing underneath the roof panels and bearers, creating a smooth internal roof. With this now complete you can fix the plasterboard to the walls of your office.




With almost everything in place it's now time to add in the floor. This is done first by laying the insulated floor panels on top of the floor bearers, before laying down your choice of flooring.


There's not much left to do now but complete the roof trim and add on the EPDM. Then complete the final fit of electrics and the internal finish by taping and joining the plasterboards before painting. Your garden office is then complete! 


If you would like to help protect your garden office from the elements, why not opt for our guttering kit*? It will help drain away and store rain water which you could later use to water your plants.


*not supplied


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