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Generating income from Camping Pods
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With the cost of overseas holidays becoming increasingly expensive, the UK camping market is seeing a significant rise in popularity as more and more people opt to enjoy what our countryside has to offer. A modern alternative to the more traditional camping holidays are being transformed however, with the growing trend of ‘Glamping’, or glamorous camping to me and you.


‘Glamping’ offers a more luxurious alternative to sleeping in a tent, whilst still providing a camping styled holiday for all the family to enjoy throughout the year, and of course providing a steady income stream for the sites that offer this accommodation.


Our research into the Glamping industry suggests an average cost of £40 per night.


If you were to rent a Rasa Glamping Pod for an average of 150 nights per year at this average cost, you would see an annual return on your investment of £6000, greater than the initial cost of a Rasa Pod of about £3810 (plus VAT), when self assembled.


This presents an ideal opportunity for more farmers to diversify their revenue through letting unproductive land, for ‘Agri-tourism’ purposes, with glamorous campsites that allow guests to enjoy the great outdoors whilst also being close to fresh produce and local farming markets.


Our new Rasa Glamping Pods are the latest in modern and luxury design and could help any landowner or farmer to use their land and assets for tourism purposes effectively.


For commercial use we have designed our Pods in sections to enable easier mobility which also means that our pods are not subject to building regulations. However for any farmer looking to use their land for Agri-tourism purposes, planning permission will be required.


To suit the requirements for rural sites, the Rasa Glamping Pod is fully insulated featuring thick 50mm polyurethane insulation, ensuring your visitors are kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


We can also provide a range of optional extras such as outdoor cooking stoves for families to enjoy creating a barbecue whilst watching the sun set over the rolling hills and fields. We can also help to furnish the pods with timber built shelving, bed frames, tables and a decking system to provide an outdoor seating area.


Our Eco Composting Toilets also presents an ideal optional extra as they can be situated in many rural or remote locations and provide adequate facilities for off grid accommodation. These toilets can also be used for ecological sanitation purposes as they can produce fertilizers and soil conditioners for growing plants.


For any rural landowner looking for an alternative or extra income stream in Agri-tourism, our Glamping pods offer a long term opportunity. The use of multiple applications as short term holiday accommodation can offer a payback period that could be as little as 1 to 2 years depending upon occupancy.


Greater nightly rates or a higher occupancy rate can reduce the payback time to about 5-6 months, so you can be rest assured that our Rasa Pods are a worthwhile investment.

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