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What are the features of a Dunster House Greenhouse?

If you're going to invest in a greenhouse then you want it to stand the test of time and see you through as many seasons as possible. You also want it to be able to withstand the ever changing elements. We've made sure that all of our greenhouses, potting sheds and combos do just that.


For this we've made our greenhouses, potting sheds and combos with a 70mm x 35mm heavy duty frame. The robust frame helps create a structurally sound investment for your garden and growing needs. The lower parts of our greenhouse walls are made using 16mm thick shiplap. Our profile has a unique 12mm overlap; compared to the 8mm industry standard. This is a more expensive way of doing things as it means you get less coverage from the same width of timber, due to the overlap, but it makes it much less likely that the timbers will shrink to the extent where gaps would appear between the boards. This reduces the chance of unwanted elements getting into the greenhouse, like excessive rain, frost, snow etc.


All of the timber used in our greenhouses, potting sheds and combos is pre-cut pressure treated timber. This means the ends of the timber are also pressure treated as the process occurs after the timber has been cut to size. Due to the pressure treatment, we can offer a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation.


We use full panes of 4mm toughened glass in our greenhouses. This is stronger than the industry standards of 3mm horticultural glass and polycarbonate. It's also much better for anything growing in your greenhouse as it will not go cloudy overtime, which would reduce the amount of natural light able to enter your greenhouse. It's also much better for you as you don't have to worry about the odd stray football coming across the fence and breaking a window.



All of our glass is held in place with beads, strips of wood that are nailed into the frame to secure the glass. So if you ever need to change a pane of glass, it's an easy task to complete. Some competitors design glass without beading which require you to take off the greenhouse roof and dismantle part of the wall to replace a pane of glass.


At 2.4m high there's lots of timber and glass going into making our greenhouses, potting sheds and combos so it's important we provide you with high quality materials that strengthen the structure. The height of the greenhouses provides high internal eaves, 1.84m/6'. This is typically higher than others, so there's more room for your plants to grow. For the taller gardener the top of our windows run in line with our tall doors, so you won't walk in and then hit your head on the roof!



Even the doors have hidden benefits. At 1060mm wide, you can easily move a wheelbarrow filled with plants and soil in and out of your greenhouse, after those overindulgent trips to the garden centre. The wide doors will also save you space when working in your greenhouse as they slide open, so won't waste precious indoor space or get caught in the wind. We really have thought of everything!




If you're interested in our combo range please also see the features of our pressure treated sheds here