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Holiday Arrangements



Inside Rabbit EnclosureIf you’re going on holiday, don’t forget to make arrangements for your bunny whilst you’re away. It’s important to leave them in the care of someone who has the correct knowledge or expertise to look after them properly. If you don’t know anyone who you feel confident enough leaving your bunnies with, then look for a specialist boarding place or rescue centre that offers boarding. A good boarding house should not allow rabbits that are not vaccinated, so make sure that your rabbits’ immunisations are all up to date. Ask the boarding house if they’ll let you visit and take a look around beforehand, so you can see the facilities available and whether you’d be comfortable leaving your rabbit there. You may also be able to find animal nannies or animal sitters who can take care of your bunnies for you.


Whomever you leave your rabbits with, ensure that they have the correct knowledge and are informed of any special requirements, as you will be entrusting your rabbits to them. It’s a good idea to leave a contact number with them, so they can get hold of you in case of any emergencies, and for your own peace of mind.