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Width:250mm (0' 9")
Depth:500mm (1' 7")
Overall Height:2.1m (6' 10")
Length of Legs:298mm (0' 11")
Height of top of Stove:490mm (1' 7")
Maximum Chimney Length:1600mm (5' 2")
Fuel To Use:Wood or similar combustible material
Side Warming Plate:Yes
Painted:Black, withstands 600 degrees
Please Note:All fixings needed for assembly are supplied
Please Note:All sizes are approximate

Are you looking for a small cooking stove? If so take a glimpse at our Hope BBQ stove! This stove is a ½ barrel metal fire box, with a hot plate on top. Not only will it cook your meals but provide substantial heat for those cold nights telling ghost stories under the moonlight! Why not go for the Complete Kit option? It comes with a double insulated skin flue pipe for even better heat retention.

Take your BBQ experience to a whole new level this summer with the Hope BBQ Stove. Whether you choose to cook for family and friends at home, for a day on the beach or take it on a weekend camping trip, the Hope BBQ stove is easily transported. Simply carry the stove to your perfect location, unfold the collapsible legs and start cooking.

As the day comes to an end and the night time chill sets in, the ½ barrel metal box will not only keep your drinks hot, allow you to roast marshmallows (be careful though, the stove door will be very hot) but also provides substantial heat for late nights spent telling ghost stories.

After a long day of having fun, or a late night spent under the stars where you’ve had too much fun but not a lot of sleep thanks to the cold floor, you need a substantial meal that fills your stomach. The Hope BBQ Stoves hot plate features a circular cut out where you can place your saucepan directly over the fire making it perfect for cooking stews and chillis while the side warming plate keeps your meal, or the recently boiled kettle, hot.

The high quality black finish will remain, not become charred after  the first use, as the Hope BBQ Stove is painted with special paint that is heat resistant to 600 degrees. Whether used throughout the year in your garden, or sporadically on camping trips, it has everything you need to have a good time.

Product Features
Barbeques Hope Stove Collapsible Legs
Barbeques Hope Stove Collapsible Legs II
Collapsible Legs
Our Hope stoves feature collapsible legs, so can quickly take up less space and become more portable.
Barbeques Heat Resistant Paint
Barbeques Heat Resistant Paint II
Heat Resistant Paint
Painted black with a special paint that is heat resistant up to 600 degrees Celsius.
Barbeques Hope Stove Side Warming Plate
Barbeques Hope Stove Side Warming Plate II
Side Warming Plate
Keep your cooked food toasty warm with the side warming plate included with every hope stove.
What fuel does this BBQ Stove use?
This BBQ Stove uses wood or similar combustible materials as fuel.
How high is this BBQ Stove?
This BBQ Stove is 490mm high to the top of the flat top and is 2.1m high including the chimney.
Is this BBQ Stove collapsible?
This BBQ Stove features collapsible legs, which are 298mm in length.
What temperature does the paint withstand?
The black heat resistant paint withstands temperatures up to 600 degrees.

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