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How does your Cabin/Off Grid Solar Lighting Work?

The premise behind our Solar Lighting System is very simple. The PV panels (which are placed on a roof) collect radiation from the Sun, which charges the battery. The lights are then powererd by the battery. As the system uses radiation rather than rays, even on an overcast day you can maintain a trickle charge which will still allow you to use your Lighting System.

1. Radiation from the sun is collected by the PV Panels
2. This charges the Battery (a charge controller is supplied so that the battery does not become over charged). Please note we do not supply batteries
3. The Battery is used to power the 12 VDC lighting system

On the full charge of a 100ah battery, a 5 bulb Solar Lighting System can provide up to 8 hours of light.
Please note that towards the end of these periods the lights will become dimmer.