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How to Build a Large Log Store

how to build a log store from DH

Building your own log store is a great opportunity to showcase your DIY skills and to test your skills a little. The results will definitely be worth your while! Through protecting your logs over winter, you will be saving yourself money in the future, when the dreaded heating bill arrives.

The instructions below are for 1.8m x 1.3m x 0.9m log store. 

Let’s go over a few details before you start. They’ll help you organise everything before you start building.

Before you start:

• Pre-drill all holes to avoid splitting the timber

• Make sure you have everything you need within easy reach. For our particular product, this would mean a fixing pack of nuts, bolts, and washer, screws, plus the pre-cut lengths of timber, pressure treated posts and side panels.

• Make sure the surface is flat and stable before building your log store. If the surface is uneven, level it off first.


Here’s how to build your large log store:

1. Place your log store base on the ground. Preferably where you want it to stay so that you won’t have to move it around.

shed up close building guide how to
2. Place all upright posts into the base and bolt them together.

sheds dunster house how to assemble
3. Place the back panels of your log store against the rear sides of the rear posts. Make sure the overlapping boards of the outer face is placed on the outside of the log store, and that the flat board is at the bottom (see image).
4. Screw panels into the post using four 50mm screws per panel.

how to build a log store dunster house
5. Now, place the side panels on your log store. Into the post. Using, again, four 40mm screws per panel.
6. Grab two more braces and screw them onto the top and middle posts of your log store as per the image below. Do so using two 50mm screws per brace.

side store log dunster house how to build
7. Place the roof on the top of the log store and screw the roof into the corner posts using four 80mm screws.

And you’re done! Fill your log store with firewood and make sure you place it into an area where it gets good ventilation.

Be sure not to overfill it otherwise the logs won’t have the opportunity to dry out and will retain their moisture.

What you’ll need:

• 1 hammer

• Protective gloves

• 17mm wrench

• Drill

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