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How to reduce Humidity



If you are troubled with too much humidity in your home then these Solar Air Dehumidifiers will help to reduce it. Over a period of time, warmed positive pressured air entering your home absorbs more moisture and exits through a variety of openings in your dwelling such as air vents, fireplaces, open windows and even draughty windows and doors. Considerable amounts of money are spent trying to constantly balance levels of heat and moisture content in buildings with so many litres of moisture being produced in a home by people breathing, cooking, bathing, showering, washing, washing clothes and cleaning the house.


All homes should have a balance of humidity; the generally accepted level for a healthy lifestyle is 45–55% Relative Humidity.


If you are in the habit of drying clothes on radiators in your home then this dehumidifier can help to drive out a build up of moisture which can be detrimental to your health and the condition of your property.


Solar energy is used to preheat air that is required to ventilate a home thus reducing the reliance upon conventional heating systems. So, in addition to acting as a dehumidifier the unit "pumps" warmed air into your property at a rate, during peak performance, of around 3.2 kWh (MkII model) for any Solar Hours that you experience.


Solar Hours


Solar hours in the South East of England UK can average 1500 hours per year and our unit has performed in the region of 70% efficiency.


We have now produced the MkII Solar Air Heater and Dehumidifer, which is a larger unit with more heating qualities for domestic and commercial applications.


For customers in Scotland your solar radiation levels at higher latitudes are of a greater heating benefit during the "grey" months of the year. Customers in the south of England require less home heating during these periods, thus giving a shorter pay back on your investment with the MkII Solar Air Heater and Dehumidifier.


Scotland's Heating Season


Scotland's heating season requirements are also longer than in the southern counties of the UK and there are greater opportunities to benefit from this type of solar heat energy and as a dehumidifier.