Wooden Porches, choose your design

 Our wooden Thunderdam porches come in a number of different sizes and configurations giving you the flexibility to choose a porch that is most suited to your property.

You can opt for either the full-height porch or the half-height porch which is ideal for placing on top of a brick wall or pillars – both options look stunning.  Whichever configuration you choose, rest assured that the 10-year guaranteed pressure-treated timber will provide a porch that is sturdy and built to last.

Also, choose from two legs or four. It’s a matter of personal preference, but with four legs you can achieve the ‘ultimate look’ of a chunky porch.

Half Height - Two Legs

Half Height 2 legged timber porch

Half Height - Four Legs

Wooden Porch 4 legs half height
Full Height - Two Legs
Wooden Porch 2 legs full height
Full Height - Four Legs

Wooden Porch 4 legs full height

Full Height with Balustrades - Four Legs

Wooden Porch 4 legs full height with balustrades

Customisation at its finest. Achieve the look you desire for your home.