Warmalog® Cabin


Our fully insulated Warmalog® cabin has specifications better than any competitor and is keenly priced for all your needs.

This concept boasts unique features as standard. The floor has a 50mm thick insulated structure, the roof is 60mm (also insulated), coupled with 24mm double-glazed sealed units made from 4mm toughened glass. Thanks to these and other heat-conscious design details, the walls of these Warmalog® cabins have an equivalent U value to 140mm logs and achieve a U value of 0.59. This means that you can feel confident your cabin will remain cool in the warm months and warm in the cool months.

Don’t be fooled into thinking 70mm walls are better
A common misconception is that walls upwards of 70mm are better, but this simply isn’t true!

It is known within the industry that the thicker log, the more problems you will likely encounter, during and after construction. Our Warmalogs® get around those issues.

Common issues for thicker logs;

  • Warping can be more significant leading to construction issues – ours is engineered to reduce the issue
  • Think about the weight! Larger logs are heavier and more challenging during construction
  • Interior space can be compromised, thicker walls would mean less interior room. This isn’t an issue with our Warmalogs®
  • A 70mm conventional log wall is roughly half as insulated as our 62mm Warmalogs®!


Simply put, other cabins do not compare to our 62mm Warmalogs®!