We at Dunster House are very passionate about our delivery service. We want to make sure our customers receive the best service and have no worries at all when it comes to their products and the delivery.


To ensure the utmost security when delivering, we use our very own fleet of vehicles. We have a large number of vehicles, along with a trusted delivery team dedicated to delivering our quality products. This guarantees we can provide maximum care and first-class service to you.


Safety is very important to us. We want to make sure that our customers and employees are safe at all times, and that there is no damage to anyone or their properties. We provide an assisted delivery service to Mainland UK locations to ensure your products are carried safely from the vehicle by our trained delivery staff and placed promptly on to the first point of contact with your property, such as a driveway. Our team will bring your product up to 20m until first contact as long as it does not go through any decorative house or building.


We have been delivering our products for over 25 years and receive great feedback from our customers. Our friendly staff are always happy to help and answer any of your queries. Communication is a must to ensure that your delivery runs as smoothly as possible. We make sure that customers are alerted on the delivery day, and we will be happy to wait up to 20 minutes to ensure that someone is home when we deliver your order. From the date of your order to the arrival, you can rely on us to provide our immaculate Dunster House service and experience.