Our log cabins come untreated, giving you the chance to customise them according to your taste and needs. We recommend you treat your log cabin to protect the timber from the elements and to prolong their life. In addition to our clear treatment, we also offer three tiers of treatment, allowing you to choose a treatment that will not only meet your budget requirements but also help you personalise your cabin.

We've calculated the amount of treatment you will need for two external coats, so you don't have to. Please read and follow the manufacturers' instructions on the tin.

Clear treatment is a solvent based, water repellent treatment that can be applied to help to minimise the amount of water absorbed in to the timber during rainfall. Applied directly to the timber, the fast-drying treatment is low odour and contains biocides for the protection of the coating.

You will need to add an overcoat of treatment to your garden building as soon as possible after installation to ensure UV protection and protection against rot and fungal decay. The clear treatment will need to be maintained more frequently than our Premium and PremiumPlus treatments.

Standard treatment is a water based treatment designed to protect your garden building at an affordable price. This fade resistant treatment can be applied directly to wood. There's no need for a primer, but it will need to be regularly maintained compared to the PremiumPlus and Premium Treatments.

Premium Treatment is a solvent based treatment. It comes in a range of colours. This is a deep penetrating treatment which can be applied directly onto wood without any need for a primer. Our Premium Treatment is low maintenance, with an average lifespan of 3-4 years, which will leave your garden building with an attractive finish.

PremiumPlus Block Treatment provides a water-resistant coating with long lasting mould & fungal protection. The treatment typically has a 2-5 year lifespan. We supply enough treatment for two coats to give solid colour with a soft lustre, perfect for your garden building.

It is quick and easy to apply and there is no need for base coats or primers. The treatment is low in odour and with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). The unique formulation is a water-based micro-porous acrylic and alkyd hybrid that incorporates a polyurethane dispersion based on linseed oil - a natural renewable resource. The treatment is micro-porous ensuring good protection and a long-lasting deep and rich colour.

PremiumPlus Treatment is a solvent based treatment providing a semi-matt finish to your garden building. This treatment doesn't need a primer. The treatment contains transparent iron oxide pigments that absorb U.V light and prevent discolouration of the timber surface. It also contains a powerful fungicide to protect against wood rot and fungal growth. The treatment is low maintenance and typically has a 4-year lifespan, largely just needing areas to be cleaned down regularly instead of regular retreatment.