5 Extra Climbing Stones

5 Extra Climbing Stones
Where applicable, climbing walls and climbing ladders come with climbing stones (see specification for quantity). Add an extra 5 professional level climbing stones. They come with 30mm Dome Bolts and Clave Nuts to allow them to fix almost anywhere on your climbing wall.

Accessory Pack
Our accessory pack includes 2 pairs of handgrips, a steering wheel and a telescope to let their imagination run wild! Become a champion racing car driver with the fully movable steering wheel, search for the Lost Island of Awesome Treasure as a pirate with the telescope, or why not conquer Mount Olympus by climbing up with the extra handgrips?

Where will this pack of climbing frame accessories take them next? The possibilities are endless

Buzz pack optional extra

Pair of Hand Grips
Add extra safety with hand grips to help children hold on and encourage them to explore with confidence.

Set of two injection moulded HDPE handgrips (25 x 75mm); delivered with galvanized hexagon head wood screws (diameter 6 x 40), washers and bolt covers.

Revolving in all directions, the telescope really lets your child's imagination run wild. They can become captain of their own ship and keep guard as they look out for pirates. Made from durable plastic and fixed in place using the four hexagonal screws included. (Please note- colour may vary)

(For safety reasons the telescope is supplied without lenses and does not magnify.)

Steering Wheel
The steering wheel puts them in the driver's seat. Whether it's an F1 or rally car the only limits are your child's creativity. Made from durable plastic and fixed in place using the 10mm x 60mm hexagonal screw provided.
(Please note- colour may vary)
Climbing frame steering wheel optional extra

Pirate Flag
Complete their ship by hoisting the Jolly Roger! This pirate flag includes a winch system. Attach it to an upright on your climbing frame and the flag can be raised or lowered, depending on if any little pirates are on board.