Would you like to add decorative fascia to your cabin?
When purchasing your Log Cabin you can opt to upgrade your flat Fascias and Trapezoid finials to our Alpine Style Fascia Pack. We provide the flat Fascias and Trapezoid finials as standard with all of our Log Cabins but if you want a more decorative finish then you can choose to upgrade these when purchasing. These timber roof trims attach to the front and back of your cabin (or sides if you have a cabin with the Apex on the sides), each Fascia sitting flush against the roof edge giving your Log Cabin a stylish finish. The Fascia will be supplied untreated. This allows you to treat the timber with whatever colour or type of treatment you like.
If you are purchasing a Pressure Treated Cabin and select an alpine fascia board, this will arrive pre-pressure treated.
Standard Fascia:

Alpine Fascia: