Would you like to add a gate?

Would you like to add a gate?

The expertly crafted grooved Arched Top Gate compliments our Fence Panels perfectly. The Arched Top Gate stands at 1.7m (5'7'') and is constructed using the finest spruce timbers to ensure that it is strong and sturdy.

The massive high Arched Top Gate stands tall at 1.92m (6'3'') to ensure your privacy. Not only do they look good but the timber is pressure treated to ensure it is free from rot and insect infestation. All of our gates have a generous width of 915mm to ensure you can move equipment in and out with ease.

Our high Arched Straight Top Gate will complement your Fence Panels perfectly giving you a perfect fence line. Standing tall at 1.92m (6'3'') will ensure nosy neighbours will not be able to peer over your gate.

The beautifully designed Grooved Straight Top Gate is 1.82m (5'11'') tall to compliment the large range of Fence Panels we offer. We pressure treat our Fence Panels and Fence Posts to ensure they are free from rot and insect infestation for up to 10 years, so once you have put it up you do not need to retreat it in that period.

This traditional Picket Fence Gate is ideal for open or exposed gardens. The tall Picket Fence Gate is made from quality spruce timber and matches our Picket Fence Panels perfectly. It is pressure treated with a beautiful brown preservative to protect it from insect infestation, decay and rot for up to 10 years.

If you are looking for a shorter wooden gate which is decorative but also cost effective then a short Picket Fence Gate from Dunster House is exactly what you need. Built using a thick 35mm framework this strong and sturdy gate is pressure treated to ensure it is free from rot and insect infestation.