Our insulation* options are quic

Our insulation* options are quick and easy to install into your log cabin, promoting heat retention and saving you on your heating bills. We always supply Polyisocyanurate insulation, a far better insulation than Rockwool or polystyrene.

Floor Insulation
Our floor insulation is 25mm thick polyisocyanurate to be fitted between the bearers of the cabin prior to putting in the floor boards.

It's very quick to install, just cut the insulation to fit between the bearers. As it's not a very dense material, you can use a hand saw to cut it. Then slot the specially designed clips onto the side of the insulation and rest them down on the bearers, with the insulation held up by the clips, and that's it! You can then lay your floor boards down on top as normal.

The insulation will lower the U-Value of your floor from 2.81 W/m2 K to 0.77 W/m2 K. Saving you money on heating and helping to keep your feet toasty warm!

Roof Insulation
Our roof insulation is available for cabins with 19mm thick roof boards only. It's supplied as panels of 25mm thick polyisocyanurate sheets which are already chemically bonded to 10mm thick MFP boarding.

These sheets are very easy to fit to the roof of your cabin, they simply need to be screwed down through the sheet into the roof board below. You don't need to locate the purlins underneath to screw into at all. The roof boards are thick enough to screw into at any point without the screw protruding on the other side.

Then, cut the insulation to size around the edge of your roof and any offcuts reusing. The insulation gives you a very quick, easy and cost effective way of lowering the U-value of your roof from 3.49 W/m2 K to a far more efficient 0.76 W/m2 K.

*Insulation means a reduction in loss of heat from an area that has been heated to a different temperature. If no heat has been applied, the insulation will be nominally be the same as the outside temperature.