Customise your wooden gazebo by

Customise your wooden gazebo by adding timber panels. The addition of wall panels will provide extra protection from the outdoor elements. You can combine the half height panels and full height panels on the other sides of your gazebo. With 4 options and unlimited possibilities you can now tailor your timber gazebo to be your ideal cover for your outdoor furniture, gym equipment or hot tub/spa.

Louvre wall panel

Our Louvre panels provide you with both privacy and ventilation. You can open and close the slats at will allowing you to choose how open, or enclosed, your Gazebo is. As with the half height solid wall panels, you can customise the look of your Gazebo by choosing to have the Louvre panels on all three sides, two sides or on a single wall.

Half height solid wall panel

Combine exposure and privacy with our Half Height Timber Panels. The addition of the Half Height Panels means you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the British sun streaming both through the Perspex dome and the open space surrounding the Gazebo whilst the high quality pressure treated spruce timber provides you with some privacy from outdoor elements.

Front wall panel

By opting to add front panels to your Erin Gazebo; you protect your hot tub or garden furniture from direct exposure to the sunlight while allowing you to reap the benefits such as warmth and light. Made from full lengths of timber these front panels are attached to the thick timber uprights increasing the already substantial garden building.