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Is a timber product right for me?

The vast majority of the products we sell are all made from that lovely material – timber! Timber is not like other building materials like brick or steel, it was once part of a living tree and it has a few characteristics and quirks which you should be aware of before you buy. Timber is a common material used within the garden industry and commonly used in temperate and arctic conditions.


We love timber, the way that it looks, feels and smells, and we know that it gives great character to the products that we sell, our employees regularly walk about saying “I am Groot”.


Timber comes from the trunk of the tree, and its purpose is to give the tree strength and elevation and also to transport water from the roots of the tree up to the leaves. For this reason, timber is porous and will swell up when it gets wet. You can treat the timber with a water repellent treatment (such as our Premiumplus range of treatments) which will minimise the amount of water it takes in, but it will still always react to moisture to expand or contract throughout its life.


Our designs take this into account and we have many innovative ways that this movement is dealt with in our cabins and other products. It is still something that you should be aware of as it may mean that you need to perform some small amount of maintenance over the lifetime of the building to keep it in working order.


As tree trunks are round, the logs that we cut from them can curve and constrict to assume a more curved shape when they take on water. Again, our designs are very forgiving and twists and curves like this will still be able to be used in the building, and will give the building character. Pieces like this may need a little persuasion to fit together, but one of the great qualities of timber is that it can be manipulated to be fitted.


Due to the nature of timber it can have a mind of its own and is controlled by the uncontrollable weather! We are graced with a climate that can change like the wind, spells of hot sunshine and then spells of frequent showers. We have all learnt to deal with the weather however your garden product needs your care and attention to master the weather otherwise we guarantee it will begin to do what it wants! We like to harp on and talk about properties of timber and you may all think it is us copping out of responsibility but it really isn’t. Below are some pictures from our display gardens to show you what these natural properties are:









If you are buying one of our pressure treated products you can rest easy knowing that we guarantee it for ten years against rot and insect infestation if you upkeep the guarantee conditions. You may wish to apply water repellent treatment to help reduce the amount of water that the timber takes on.


If you plan to cover your floorboard with a flooring on top of the floorboards in your cabin, please be aware that this may cause moisture build-up on the floorboards which could lead to rot. We would always recommend making sure that there is sufficient ventilation if you plan to fit a floor covering, and also making sure that the floor covering is suitable to go on top of spruce timber boards (check with your flooring supplier).


Ventilation is very important in garden buildings, as it prevents moisture build-up from condensation which can lead to rot. We recommend regularly opening the windows and doors when the cabin is in use to allow air to flow throughout the building.



Maintenance is necessary on our products much like your house, car, favourite dress, hair extensions or beard! You wouldn’t wash your favourite dress on a high degree wash when the label says dry clean only. You wouldn’t drive your car around without regularly checking your oil and tyre pressure so please don’t neglect your lovely garden building.


Examples of maintenance can be found at the top of Terms & Conditions in our Most Important section. We know Terms & Conditions are boring etc etc but thank you for taking the time to read about timber and we kindly ask you to read the Most Important section.


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