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Is the Solar Air Heater suitable for your country?

Is The Solar Air Heater Suitable For My Country?


Between 1200 and 1500 depending on North/South locations. 

The MkII Solar Air Heater and Dehumidifer as a Solar Air Collector can contribute approx 3200 kWh of free heat each year, at a radiation level of 700 W/m2 during Winter irradiance levels. The performance and heat levels rise during Summer months as irradiance levels in excess of 1300 W/m2 are experienced. 

Standard MkII Solar Heater and Solar Dehumidifier Specification



(Please Note: W/m2=Watts per square metre) 


The MkII Solar Air Heater and Dehumidifer unit helps to reduce humidity, moisture and to alleviate health problems such as asthma, and thus helps people to breathe, bathe, cook and wash clothes. 

The MkII Solar Air Heater and Dehumidifier is eco friendly: as less energy is used, your CO2 emissions and carbon footprint are reduced. The unit is wall mounted to facilitate easy do-it-yourself installation – roof mounted units can potentially cause accidents and damage your property. 

We recommend that the MkII Solar Air Heater and Dehumidifier is installed on a vertical plane to react to the lower travel of the Sun during the winter months. We also suggest that you position it facing due South (in the Northern Hemisphere), and consider the impact of shadows from trees and other structures. 


KW/M2 = Kilowatt per metre squared.
M/S = Metres per second.
CFM = Cubic Feet Per Minute.
BTU = British Thermal Unit.
KWH = Kilowatt per hour of heat.
KWPD = Kilowatt per Day of Heat (based on 8 solar hours).

During winter in north Spain, if the price of the kilowatt per hour of heat would be €0.10 
Then based on 8 solar hours per day this system can give you about 12 Kilowatts per day of heat. 
Then 12 x €0.10 = €1.20 per day or €8.4 per week or €37 per month. 
All our calculations are based on the lower end of the data available and our unit can perform in excess