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Man Cave Features
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For several years now we’ve had many different Garden Buildings at Dunster House that are suitable to use as Man Caves, to hide out from the wife or girlfriend or to have friends over and enjoy the football in, such as our Log Cabins, Garden Offices or even Summerhouses. But now we’ve gone one step further and have launched a number of products that are Cave shaped and have fewer windows to fully satisfy that Neanderthal part of every blokes brain that simply needs to be able to experience the cave dwelling nature of our ancestors.


There are many reasons why a Man Cave is an ideal addition to any household. After a hard day at work there is nothing better than coming home and spending some time in your own personal space. The best thing about a Man Cave is that you can fill it with whatever you like, it could be as simple as throwing a couch and television in there, or you could go much further and let your imagination run wild. Your Man Cave is your own personal space and what you choose to do with it is entirely up to you. At the end of the day, each Man Cave is unique and represents the owner’s personality and interests!


The three ranges we offer all have different features to appeal to differing types of hunter gatherers, but each share the cosy feel and isolation that a Man Cave really should invoke. Our Man Cave Dark and Noir are two of our most highly specced Man Caves as they are fully insulated and feature uPVC windows and doors, ensuring you can use it all year round. They also offer great protection as the doors feature a 9 point locking system to ensure your valuables are safe and secure. Another fantastic feature is the 28mm thick double glazing we use in our windows and doors, designed to retain heat and be more resistant to breakages and scratching.


If the Man Cave Dark and Noir are not to your taste, then we offer two other highly specified Man Caves that are different in shape and specification, but don’t comprise in any way on quality. Our Man Cave Shadow also features uPVC windows and doors with 28mm thick toughened double glazing and our 9 point locking system. The Shadow is also fully insulated and so great for all year round use with minimal heating.


Our other fantastic unique garden retreat is the Man Cave Eclipse. This expertly designed and constructed garden building features a 4 point locking system on the door and is available with optional roof and floor insulation, so not only does it look great but it is fit for purpose.


All our Man Caves sit on pressure treated floor bearers that we guarantee for ten years against rot and insect infestation without any need to retreat them (which would be hard as they’re under the building).  This allows air to flow under the building to further protect the lower aspects of the building from rot and insect infestation, as well as providing support.


Being out in the garden your Man Cave is susceptible to the great British weather, which is why we offer our easy to install and attractive roof felt. If you’re looking for even better protection then our high grade bitumen Shingles come in three colours, black, red and green and we also supply a thick waterproof plastic membrane that sits underneath the shingles to provide extra protection for your garden building.


Whatever you decide to do with your Man Cave, we’re sure we can provide you with the right building to create your idyllic garden retreat to either relax in, enjoy with your mates, or tinker with your collections and indulge in your hobbies.


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