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Our aim is to help improve the lives of domestic rabbits, not just by offering suitable accommodation, but to educate people on rabbit welfare and the real needs of rabbits. Despite being the third most popular pet in the UK, rabbits are one of the most neglected and cruelly treated. [34] This is largely due to society's wrong perception and lack of understanding of these complex creatures. 


Not Just A Rabbit

Our rabbit products are designed with a rabbit's needs at the forefront. Yes we are a business, but we entered into the world of rabbit accommodation not just to make profit, but because we genuinely care about these poor defenceless creatures, and want to make a difference in improving their lives. Rabbits cannot speak for themselves, so it's up to us to be their voice, and fight for them. We have donated many of our rabbit houses to a number of different rescue centres and charities, as our aim is to work together with them to provide better accommodation for rabbits.


We aim to commercialise kindness, not cruelty!


We have been spurred on in our campaign by the disappointing discovery, through correspondence with a leading rabbit organisation, that they are willing to break their own supposed beliefs to support unsuitable accommodation. This is an industry that is largely negligent in its responsibility to the welfare of innocent animals, thus fuelling the the ill education of rabbit owners on the real needs of their pets. Along with 97% of veterinary professionals, we believe that rabbit hutches smaller than a recommended size should be banned from sale, as they are inadequate. [1] That’s why, after over 6 months of extensive research and Scientific testing, we’ve collated evidence from professionals to put together the Housing, Enrichment and Amenity for Rabbits: Technical Standard (H.E.A.R.T), laying out the minimum specification that all rabbit accommodation should adhere to. This Housing Standard takes a variety of factors into consideration, in line with The Animal Welfare Act 2006, to provide domestic rabbits with suitable, safe living space that caters for their essential needs, as set out in Section 9.(2).  


H.E.A.R.T Standard LogoWe're making the H.E.A.R.T Standard Open Access, giving the information away for free, in the hope that it will stop stores selling inadequate accommodation, and encourage that all rabbit housing sold, at the very least, meets the minimum requirements set out for rabbit welfare and safety. It allows manufacturers/retailers to all compete on a level field and lets consumers know exactly what they are buying, whilst helping to educate them on the real needs of rabbits.







The rabbit information and advice on this website has been gathered and collated from external sources, and not necessarilly our own opinion. If you have any comments or disagree with anything, please contact us at