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There are currently no reviews for this product, but here are reviews for other similar products.
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We LOVE the Bunny Bunker. The product, once it is up, is really good. You can immediately feel the benefit of the insulated sections of the bunker. We love the step-up design rather than the use of ramps which so many other products rely on. The space is great and really offers an excellent overall living and exercise space that is truly designed with rabbits in mind. Some may be shocked at the cost, but when compared to alternatives that require separate hutches and runs, with connection systems, and insulated covers, and regular painting, and.....well the cost of alternatives actually ramps up pretty quickly making this a really viable, competitive environment. And the quality is miles ahead of other flat-pack systems available. Well worth saving up for the initial outlay, as it will be an investment well worth it in the long run. However, there are a few minor points to consider too: 1) The back corner with the step down is very difficult to access for cleaning or capturing a hiding bunny. You literally have to climb in to the main part of the run and shuffle round, which in wet weather is no fun. 2) The 'six foot' top section includes the drop-down hole for the step to the lower level, so there is not actually a 6ft length to sleep in within the bed area. Given the overall space of the bunker this isn't a problem, but I do think the promo/launch videos are misleading in this part. Reality is that the floor space in the bedroom area is closer to 4ft. 3)The opening fronts of the run are large, making quite an open space for escapee bunnies to bolt for freedom. For many pet owners with a trusted bond with their pets, or secure garden space this should be fine, but when they are unfamiliar foster bunnies it may create an issue. 4) The build time is excessive. We bought this as a 'test' unit to determine if we could use more of these for our foster carers. However, it took us 2 separate afternoons to build this up. The instructions were vague and seemed to contradict themselves, meaning there was actually a lot of guesswork involved in building this, and having to re-do previous steps. Practically, this would create issues for us to use within the foster care network due to limited availability of time. 5) Once built its not overly practical to move from one home to another (which we have to regularly do with our equipment in the rescue), so probably not a viable solution for us in rescue terms. Although definitely a good option for those looking for something a little more permanent. ALL IN ALL, we do love this. It's an excellent product, designed for rabbits first and their owners second, which is exactly the way it should be! After the initial pain of getting it setup it is well worth it. IN SUMMARY: - Not a good solution for busy rabbit rescues - An absolute MUST for all other outdoor bunny owners ;-)
By - David Bell on Dec 02,16

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