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Our Customer Services Team!

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Our Customer Services Team!

Hopefully you’ll never need to contact our customer services department but if you do need us it’s reassuring to know we’re here waiting to answer your query!

Our Customer Service department will deal quickly in writing with any issues you may have after delivery, normally by email. For any predelivery queries, we will forward your enquiry to the relevant department to be dealt with and you will receive a reply in writing, by email, where possible, with the utmost haste.

Not unrecorded (by the customer at least) phone calls, but good old fashioned writing in emails and webforms where everyone knows what’s been said and everyone has a record of how the query is getting dealt with!

assembly instructions for avon 300 log cabin dunster house

So why do we deal with customer services by e-mail rather than phone? There are a number of reasons really;

1) E-mailing allows the customer to keep a record of what’s been said, so we will be fair with you, rather than promising the earth on the phone and then not delivering. Phone calls don’t allow you to keep a record.

2) It allows quick communication between our customers and our customer services department and also allows our customer services dept to quickly forward on your query to other departments within our Company if needed.

3) The Managers within our Company are able to easily see what answers to questions our customers are getting and how issues are being dealt with to ensure that they are dealt with fairly and quickly.

Please bear in mind that whilst we try to answer all queries same day, however,  if you contact us with a complicated query then this may take more time as we consult with other departments. In this case we aim to send you an e-mail informing you of this delay.

Of course you could choose to go with another Company that promises you so much more than we do in terms of customer services and even the products themselves – but please remember reason number one for dealing with customer services in writing.

If you’re feeling cynical and wondering why we don’t deal with Sales only in writing then actually to a very large degree we do – you’ll find much more information about our products on our web-site than you will on any of our competitors, we’ve always pioneered giving as much technical information on the products as possible so that you know exactly what it is that you’re buying. Of course most people do want to be able to talk to a person to make the buying decision which is why you’ll find our sales team at the end of a phone, by e-mail or available in person if you need them.

Other things we do to keep customer complaints down:

1) We run weekly reports which are given to all Senior Managers and Directors to ensure that our standards are kept high and to allow feedback where needed.

2) We also send these weekly reports to our Families Manufacturing Companies – well in the rare instances when we do have problems it wouldn’t be much use if we didn’t tell the people who are making them so that they don’t occur in future.

3) In all Manufacturing Factories we have Quality Control Managers to ensure high standards whilst the products are being manufactured; we also photograph most of the products during packing to keep a record of this.

Most of our customers never need to contact our Customer Services Department, but if you do have to, we have a dedicated team of people waiting to answer your query in writing, by email. Please do remember to read the assembly instructions first though, both the instructions and the screws are packaged within your goods so please unwrap it if you think they’re missing prior to contacting us – this is our most common reason for people contacting us.

Customer Services are available: – please quote your Order Number when contacting us – this begins SO and is on your Delivery Note, Order and Invoice paperwork

Opening times are: Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm

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