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Peter Piper Picked A Perfect Pergola

Peter Piper Picked A Perfect Pergola


The Pergola is the Middle ground between Architecture and Garden they occurred in Ancient Greece, Rome and Baroque Italy. In times gone by these were grand statement structures. That being said let’s look at today and what a Pergola can do for you and your personal living space.

 A Pergola is an open space that invites peace and tranquillity, something that you will be looking forward to (see later in the blog), as well as being a stylish entertainment area for guests and family.

The ideal space for a Pergola is on a patio or a decked area, the legs can easily then be securely fastened and the base should be level. Legs are important, nobody likes a wobbly leg, at Dunster House we have banished wobbly legs and are proud that all our legs are substantial and minus wobble.

Moving on to the P’s of picking the perfect Pergola


Price, pick a good time to tell your partner that you want a Pergola, when the heated discussions about getting a new washing machine have stopped they will have given you a reasonable budget. We all know who is really in charge!  Make sure there are no hidden extras that suddenly appear on the final bill. How many times has that happened? It is not fair or right and stops you the buyer from doing a proper comparison of like for like, Dunster House has no hidden extra charges. In any case if your partner suddenly says ‘mmmm I just looked at this one from the extensive Dunster House range’ take that as a huge hint that that is the one they want and you will buy.


Product, this is where you make your statement about yourself: a grand design, Avant Garde or a simple aesthetic structure? Mainly though remember that heated discussion earlier? Play the peacemaker. When looking remember that wood enhances your garden, is pleasant to the touch, the eye and is easily maintained. Also wooden open structures like the Dunster House’s extensive Pergola range are not easily moved by the elements such as a gale or storm unlike some lighter, cheaper offerings on the market today.


Position, take time to think of the aspects you wish to view from your new stylish Pergola. Take a chair and sit for a while in each area that you think suitable, look at where the sun is at different times of the day. A huge clue here if you are blinded by the Sun and a swarm of wasps and flies descend you are in the wrong place. When you are happy then you will have found the ideal position.


Peace of Mind, with any investment you want assurance that not only have you a long lasting product but a company that is passionate about your choice so that if any problems occur they are dealt with speedily and professionally as we do at Dunster House. Also the boss won’t give you earache in years to come.


Pressure Treatment, natural materials, if left untreated, rot or become infested. Insist that all the timber in your new structure has been pressure treated and carries a 10 year guarantee as Dunster House does. See the earache problem above.


When all of this has been done and your beautiful Pergola is decorated to the real Boss’s own individual taste then you truly will have picked the perfect Pergola like Peter Piper.


Always remember

"A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken."
-  James Dent

Utopia above is 4m x 3m


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