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Should you require further information on our standard or assisted delivery services, please contact a member of our Sales Team.

Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details.

Pirate Flag Included

The image above shows a brief reference to how your products will arrive. All of our garden buildings are made from kiln dried quality graded timber, if it is to be stored prior to construction and treatment all parts must be covered to prevent moisture from warping and rotting the timber.

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There are currently no reviews for this product, but here are reviews for other similar products.
Average Seller Rating:

Great service, great product, our 14 month son loves the swing and will years of enjoyment out of it. We shopped around and for overall value and quality this couldn't be beaten. Assemble is a two person job, with good tools and takes the best part of a day, but the finished result is well worth it.
By - Matthew Salter on Nov 27,16

Great climbing frame, kids love it. Took a while to put together but worth the time and effort.
By - Anna Grant on Nov 25,16

Tools required does not mention a socket wrench which is needed for frame bolts, Plans and diagrams could be improved, ladder did not fit into any of the openings onto the platform and needed planing to fit. 35mm screws came in 2 sizes but not clear where to use the different ones. When fitting last panel to the base of the fort, panel exceeded width of the frame and again needed planing. Final frame does not match the picture as monkey bars needed to fit into the opening of the fort, but instructions resulted in monkey bars ending on the closed panel so had to adjust.
By - Josephine Ann Daly on Nov 22,16 Dunster House reply:
Hi Josephine. Thank you for your review and your suggestions. We will take them into consideration and have a look into our instructions and diagrams for our climbing frames.

A good product that we would recommend to friends and family. This arrived on time and to our relief did not have any packaging to dispose of. It took two of us roughly 2 hours to assemble with the recommended tools. The only parts we struggled with were the green caps for the nuts. As these project over the nut it is extremely difficult to get any kind of wrench or spanner to fit for tightening. As a result we simply left these off. The children love playing on this and are even more excited for more play time when the Spring and Summer get here. Overall an excellent product.
By - Daniel Hurst on Nov 22,16

A great climbing frame for the kids however its a pain to put together. A lot of holes needed to be drilled, which could easily be done as part of the manufacturing process. Also certain sections could also have come pre assembled, like the climbing wall for example. Dunster i would suggest you follow your own instructions and then amend the ones you send out. For example it would be good to dig the holes for the ground supports before you put the climbing wall onto the tower, this would be easier than trying to work underneath it. The little seats inside the bottom of the tower on the instructions it showed them above the wood but in reality they would never fit this way. The ladder rungs, maybe tell people to put them at a slight angle so when you attach the ladder the rungs are straight. There lots of little bits that with better instructions would have saved time putting this up. Lastly the 50mm screws 2 packets different size 50mm screws at no point does it say what ones to use where. Its a good product but i would recommend Dunster take a look at their instructions and and what other advantages they could do to help the customer out, after all these products aren't cheap. Dunster call me if you want i'd be happy to discuss.
By - Barry Lupton on Nov 08,16 Dunster House reply:
Hi Barry. Thank you for your review and your suggestions. We will take them into consideration and have a look into our instructions for our climbing frames.

Firstly, this is a top quality product, exactly what I was looking for. For those buying from Scotland, be aware of the significantly longer delivery time (5 weeks) and higher cost (£60) of delivery which was disappointing. Currently live in Central Scotland so by no means rural. 5 start product, 1 star off for additional cost and delivery time.
By - Graham Lindsay on Oct 31,16

The Monkey Fort has been great for children from 3 upwards. It is very sturdy,hard wearing and safe for lots of them to play on at one time. It is a big structure and took 6-7 hours to put together fully, we cemented in the grips for the swings. It is worth the time needed to build it; our child has not stopped smiling!
By - C Datta on Oct 30,16

The quality of parts, description of how to put them together and fact that the end result looks exactly as you would expect makes this a joy for a parent, if not a little hard work! More importantly, the steps, den and slide are a perfect combination for our 3 year old daughter and I am confident she'll be able to enjoy this for years to come.
By - Matthew Emerson on Oct 27,16

I bought this climbing frame for my 3 grandchildren aged 3-6 years. They were all able to play on it together and have co-operated so far regarding turns on the swing. The oldest one can get a long way on the monkey bars and all love climbing up to the viewing platform to use the telescope and go down the slide. The pirate pack purchased with the climbing frame has been well worth it. The flag has been up and down that pole many times in just one visit. I am very pleased with the way it fits into my garden - it is sited on artificial grass with an impact pad underneath - and is quite unobtrusive. It is very sturdy and should stand up to being well used. I can't say how easy it was to put up because I had professional help and it took two men about 5 hours to complete but well worth it.
By - Anne Harvey on Oct 26,16

The product is excellent and very well made. It was delivered when it was supposed to arrive. It took nearly 2 days to build, but was fairly straightforward. All in all a great product and service.
By - Karl Burgess on Oct 15,16

We purchased Fortplus Escape for our growing number of grandsons for their amusement when they visit. It is well made with sufficient different activities to keep them occupied. The instructions are very good, including the dimensions of each component to avoid making mistakes. You have to drill a large number of holes so a good drill with a range of drill sizes, plus a good electric screw driver are in my view essential. I also used a set square. Highly recommended.
By - Ian Taylor on Oct 13,16

Looks good now it's finished but it did take some concentration to put it up
By - Diane Hanson on Oct 13,16

Great value climbing frame and good, sturdy construction. Two very happy children.
By - Sian Goodspeed on Oct 11,16

Bought this for my foster 8 year old daughter, Who loves it .Always playing on it . Took other half a couple of days to build ( not spending all day on it though). Would buy from you again.The two delivery man where very nice and friendly as well. Tanks again.
By - lynda laughton on Oct 11,16

relatively easy to build .. (i was on my own so a bit of a struggle at times) but once up and pinned down it is absolutely fab. the kids love it ! not been to a park since
By - Aamir Aziz on Oct 11,16

Fantastic climbing frame! Love the finished product BUT, putting it together was a nightmare!
By - Steve Bland on Oct 11,16 Dunster House reply:
Dear Steve. Thank you for your review. We're glad that you love our Climbing Frame. The assembly highly depends on weather conditions and DIY skills of those constructing. The climbing frame should be assembled by 2 people.

Excellent item kids love it and it was relatively easy to put up. Fun for the kids (10yr old & 7yr old) cannot fault it at all. Great for the money and delivery was prompt friendly, superb customer service all around.
By - Kelly Cable on Oct 11,16

Fantastic product, delivered quickly. Good detailed instructions, as long as you're reasonably handy should be no problem. Due to layout of my garden, I actually built the Megafort Mountain in a mirrored configuration - just needed a bit of thought and some extra holes drilling. My daughter thinks I am god, she loves it. Good quality wood and parts. NO complaints. Highly recommended.
By - Andy Fox on Oct 09,16

We first came across dunster house play equipment at my mom's house. My 4 boys loved it so we decided to get the boys one too (hopefully wear them out!). It took my husband the best part of a day on his own to assemble. The boys love it! We purchased a baby swing for the little one so he too can join in the fun. Highly recommend the company and the equipment. It's strong and sturdy and I can see that it will last a very long time! We are putting artificial grass underneath so they can play out without getting muddy!
By - Natalie Derrick on Oct 07,16

Absolutely thrilled with the product. Outstanding quality, very well made. Frame is solid and robust once erected. Instructions were clear and precise. Took me 12 hours from start to finish. Relatively straightforward for anybody familiar with DIY. Customer service were great, slight delay with delivery, but only due to it being out of stock from being so popular. It's a huge hit with family and friends, needless to say we host all BBQ's now!
By - Callum Gray on Oct 06,16

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