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Glamping is becoming more popular in the UK due to the high cost of overseas holidays. The new glamping experience arises in the shape of a Pod! Enjoying the outdoors no longer requires tiresome hours of putting up a tent. Glamping is now easy, practical and enjoyable all year round, regardless of the weather.

This new innovative approach is also environmentally friendly and a great success with campers all over the world. Pods are insulated to a very high standard. They are also comfortable, secure, spacious, cosy, warm and affordable. Great for couples and small families, they have been providing shelter for many years.

Our Pods

Our range of glamping pods is designed with both quality and comfort in mind by our experienced technical team. They are all built using slow grown spruce, ensuring durability for all seasons. Our pods are Fully Insulated with Polyurethane Panels to keep the heat in during winter or a chilly evening and keep them cooler in the summer.

The glamping pods include Double Glazed PVCu Windows and Doors with high security locking systems and also our unique Solar Air Extractor and trickle ventilators to keep the building fresh and reduce the need for additional maintenance particularly over the winter months.

We include shingles to cover the roof of your glamping pod in a variety of colours – Black, Red or Green. These have a more attractive finish than standard roof felt and not only do they look good and provide additional insulation, they are very durable.
Unique ventilation system
Our unique Solar Air Extractor will keep the building fresh, reducing damp and will also help to reduce maintenance, cleaning and refurbishment costs, improving the comfort and well-being of the occupants. The system will provide a free source of ventilation that is not connected to the grid or batteries but instead is powered by a 15Watt solar panel for 12V DC.
Multi-point locking system
We supply our Glamping pods with high quality PVCu Windows and Doors with high security locking systems. The Multi-Point locking system uses espagnolette locks on the windows, as they are harder to force open than other roller cam systems, and 4 locking points (a locking catch, a hook bolt and two opposing cams) to prevent the door being lifted out of the locked position.
Delivered in sections for self build
Our unique Glamping Pods are delivered in sections allowing much more cost effective delivery to site for self assembly, or you can use our installation service. If you intend to buy multiple units then you will have a huge advantage in transportation costs when you choose our Glamping pods.
Comes in two sizes
Two different versions of our Glamping pods are available in the market. The larger size available is 2.6m x 4.8m and the smaller is 2.6m x 3.6m.
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