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Glamping is becoming more popular in the UK due to the high cost of overseas holidays. The new Glamping experience arises in the shape of a Pod! Enjoying the outdoors no longer requires tiresome hours of putting up a tent. Glamping is now easy, practical and enjoyable all year round, regardless of the weather.

This new innovative approach is also environmentally friendly and a great success with campers all over the world. Pods are insulated to a very high standard. They are also comfortable, secure, spacious, cosy, warm and affordable. Great for couples and small families, they have been providing shelter for many years.

Pods for business

Glamping is an exciting growth opportunity for the UK holiday market. Glorious weather combined with a changing economic climate has influenced our holiday behaviour in recent years and the staycation is proving ever more popular. A Glamping Pod sat on natures’ doorstep offering home comfort is appealing to a wider audience and extending the traditional camping season. Whether you’re a start-up business or a farm looking to diversify or even an established campsite with a spare field or woodland glade, a Glamping Pod can help you release untapped revenue so Work Your Land today!
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How quickly will I see a return on my investment?
The Rasa Glamping Pod allows businesses to create non-intrusive accommodation in some of nature's most beautiful places.An experience that many can enjoy without the worry of their tents blowing away or leaking.

Our research into the glamping and Glamping industry suggest an avarage cost of £40 per night. If you were to rent the Rasa Glamping Pod for an avarage of 150 bookings at the above avarage cost, you should see an annual return on your investment of £6000, greater than the initial cost of a Rasa Pod of about £3810 (plus VAT), when self assembled.

Greater bookings or a higher occupancy rate can reduce the payback time to about 5-6 months.
Is Planning Permission required?
Our Glamping pods are considered in planning law as Mobile Homes designed for short term human habitation placed on land with simple support and no structual foundations.

Planning permission is required if you are considering buying multiple units. If this is the case you will need to contact Dunster House and we’ll then provide some photographs and dimensions (fee applicable) that you will need to complete the application.

For planning permission to be granted you must ensure that the Glamping pods are only occupied for short term, holiday letting purposes and not as a place of residence. You must also keep a register of everyone who rents it and make it available to the relevant local planning authority on request.

On the other hand, our Glamping pods are not subject to building regulations as they are capable of being moved from one place to another in no more than two parts (when assembled).

Multiple commercial unit use requires a metal sub frame on which the pod is assembled. The metal sub frame allows it to go on a lorry and to be moved. The metal sub frame is available as an optional extra and the price is listed.
Are the Pods easy to maintain?
Glamping pods are very low maintenance. Our Unique Solar Air Extractor will help to keep it fresh and reduce the need for additional maintenance.

If you have already applied some paint treatment to your glamping pod then occasional maintenance is all that is required.
Connecting the pod to electricity
Your local electrician can connect mains electricity such as on a caravan site, subject to any restrictions.
Our Glamping pods are supplied as flat pack products for self-assembly. We can also assemble them for you with an additional charge.
Initial cost of Rasa Pod*
Average revenue per night
Average number of bookings
Annual return on investment
* Based on 3.6m Pod self assembled. Excluding VAT.

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