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Lines re-open today at 8:30AM
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  • Avoid planning permission
    This building is under 2.5m high.
    Why does this matter? Well, under permitted development rights buildings under 2.5m high can be placed as close as you want to a boundary (eg. a fence line) without planning permission. Buildings that are over 2.5m high, however, need to be placed over 2m away from any boundary (eg. a fence line), which means that with taller buildings you end up with a lot of space behind them. If you want to find out more about permitted development rights see our planning guide
  • Adjustable storm braces
    Our adjustable storm braces tie the log cabin roof to the rest of the building so it withstands stronger winds. Unlike other cabins on the market they are adjustable to allow for the natural movement of the cabin which helps prevent gaps appearing between wall logs as the logs settle and move.
  • Slow Grown Spruce
    We use slow grown spruce for the walls of all our log cabins as it is better all round than pine! Spruce is less porous than Pine and so less likely to shrink, warp or split. We only select slowly grown timber from colder climates which also helps keep the timber more stable as the rings are densely packed. It is also a less resinous timber than Pine, which makes the possibility of sap ruining your clothes or furnishings much less likely.
  • 2 Point Door Lock system
    Our Standard and Premium doors feature a dual point system. There is a pre-fitted Deadbolt and Latch and a pre-fitted metal keep to receive them. The Deadbolt is operated by the key in the cylinder lock and the latch by the chunky and stylish modern handle.
  • 4mm toughened glass
    We use 4mm toughened glass in our windows and doors for increased safety and security. It's much better than 3mm horticultural glass, commonly found in garden buildings, as it's a lot harder to break, and if ever it is broken it breaks into small pieces rather than large shards. It is also much harder to scratch than the plastic alternatives, styrene, acrylic and perspex, so will preserve your clear view out for far longer.
    Pressure treated bearers
    By pressure treating our floor bearers we protect the lowest part of the building from rot and insect infestation. This forces the treatment deep into the timber using a large pressure treatment tank. Due to this costly but effective process we can offer our customers a genuine 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation on the bearers with no need for the customer to re-treat this timber at any point during that time.
    10 year timber guarantee?
    Other companies claim that they offer a 10 year Guarantee on their untreated timber. If you read the small print, you'll find that these Guarantees are pointless. They cover the cabin against rot and insect infestation only if you, the customer, treat the cabin every year with a good quality preservative. Why are these Companies offering a Guarantee for something that you are going to have to do yourself? How could you prove you had treated it if you tried to make a claim? We don't offer pointless Guarantees. We guarantee that our pressure treated timber and our galvanised metal will last for 10 years without yearly labour from you. 
  • Customise your design
    Our Log Cabins have been designed to fit any garden and accommodate any personal preferences. Where our pictures show the doors on either the left or the right hand side of the front elevation if you want the doors on the other side of the front elevation simply reverse the position of the front wall logs when you build it. You can choose between a traditional or modern style, depending on the type of roof you prefer, and with or without Georgian Bars, to suit your taste.
  • Optional 14mm Double Glazing
    The double glazing option on Premium Log Cabins is 14mm thick. We make these sealed units ourselves to European Standard EN1279. Made up of 4mm toughened glass, 6mm spacer and another piece of 4mm toughened glass. It's an excellent way of insulating your cabin and extending its usage from a seasonal building to one that can be used throughout the year.
    3 Gate Hinges
    Gate style hinges create a more authentic and traditional finish to your cabin.
  • Plastic Vents
    We believe we are the only Log Cabin company to fit ventilation to their log cabins as part of the kit. We've done this to help prevent condensation build up within the building. We use two pairs of plastic base plates, one round and one square. The external round vents have chamfers to help direct water away from the hole, the inner square vents have an integral fly screen to prevent insects from entering through the vent. The pair of vents allows a flow of air through your log cabin to help keep out musty smells.
  • Tall Walkthrough Height
    With our extra tall doors, unless you are over 1.86m (6'1") tall you can walk right the way through without any danger of bumping your head.

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Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details.

Premium Severn Log Cabin W5.0m x D3.0m

The image above shows a brief reference to how your products will arrive. All of our garden buildings are made from kiln dried quality graded timber, if it is to be stored prior to construction and treatment all parts must be covered to prevent moisture from warping and rotting the timber.

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Average Seller Rating:

We wanted to create an extra room for the adults and kids, I found Dunster house to be extremely helpful with lots of communication from start to finish, even the delivery men were extremely helpful and went through everything with me, the log cabin was actually a lot easier to build than expected and with two of us was ready for the roof on the first day, we are extremely happy with a new accessory to our garden .... thank you Dunster house.
By - Sean Farrell on Oct 12,16

Premium severn cabin REVIEW Excellent quality cabin, easy to install but ensure you have help.. Took a friend and myself 3 days to get everything done including roof shingles(Half day) Size and look excellent as pictures on web look. Handy tip varnish cabin before build.. Then several coats after build to ensure protected.
By - Philip Wall on Aug 18,16

Very impressed with the ease of assembly and quality of finish. Always a worry when you buy something unseen online, but have to say we were very pleasantly surprised. From purchasing, through to taking delivery all staff have been polite, helpful and great to deal with.
By - Bruce McKay on Jul 06,16

What a find! Lots of research was done on various web sites to find the best quality at the right price. We are delighted with the finished product. It was straight forward to assemble and took 2 days complete, from the delivery of the woodwork to the 2nd coat of wood protection. It has already been greatly admired and we would highly recommend this product.
By - Eddie Over on May 31,16

What a bargain! I managed to put this up by myself, with occasional help from others. Go for the thicker floor as I did, 28mm floor feels much more solid than 19mm so definitely spend the extra on a good floor as that is the bit taking the weight of furniture and feet. I did not need any special skills to erect the summer house, just remember to read the instructions (typical male here). I would also advise putting a solid step at the entrance so that it is an easy step across the threshold, for older people to access safely. Thanks Dunster House for delivering and helping my mum to organise the storage, for a great product. Man cave is up and looking lovely.
By - Gary Morris on Apr 22,16

Can we just take a minute to ask you to thank your team of installers for their quick and efficient effort in installing our Log Cabin. They were polite and helpful, nothing was to much for them. They left the sight clean and tidy and the Cabin looks a picture. We would also like to thank yourself, Paul Humphries for being so helpful, his guidance was a treat. Thanks to all your other people who were involved. To people of our age we appreciate your kind and helpful assistance. Our kindest regards, enjoy your day.
By - Jean Sellers on Jan 13,16

The Dunster house was brilliant. From delivery to ease of installation, all went perfectly. Only took one afternoon to erect our summerhouse including the roof, so it was quickly watertight (see picture). It looks great and has the right alpine feel that we wanted. Would very much recommend Dunster.
By - thomas linckh on Oct 27,15

I'm a professional close up magician and also a builder of props and tricks for other magicians around the world so having the summer house as a work shop and office is fantastic. My wife also uses it to make wedding stationery and we both enjoy it as a retreat. The service was stunning as was the price! It's one if those very rare times where you do get something great for your money and yet pay a lot less than in most places. Thanks again.
By - John Morton on Oct 21,15

What can I say, from the salesman to the delivery guys, everything was outstanding. Dunster House is a company with amazing service and quality products. My cabin was purchased for a home office, and I am highly delighted with the outstanding quality of the craftmanship. Nothing was left out, even down to the panel pins to hold the window beads in. I have recommended DH to a few friends, and will be using them again in the future. Thank you Dunster House for a 5 star buying experience.
By - Kevin Long on Oct 15,15

Morning I was very pleased on how every part fitted together. Found no problems until i dropped a sheet of glass but that was my fault. The delivery driver was also very helpful.
By - PAUL thompson on Sep 03,15

I recently purchased a Severn 5x3 to use as a photo studio. Firstly I found the staff at Dunster House very friendly and answered any question I had prior to the purchase. The cabin arrived on time and the delivery drivers did a great job unloading in a very quick time. 2 of us errected the cabin in a single day and although we had a couple of warped lengths we got them to go in with a bit of force. It has been a great asset to my photography business and above all it has saved me loads of money in studio rent. I have attached a photo I took one evening showing the lights we have put on the exterior. Many Thanks Rome Davies
By - Rome Davies on Aug 28,15

I found this product to be of unbelievable east to assemble. It took 3 of us approximately 5 hours to build and all that was left was to felt the roof and fit the doors. The quality of the wood and joints is superb and we never at any time came across any problems. I found the written directions a little confusing but if you read them a couple of times prior to building it starts to make sense.Once you have put the floor section together the rest literally falls into place. Just take care with the door top and bottom joints as they look the same but one is slightly deeper than the other and you cant change once the roofs on as I found out. Over all a superb product and Dunster House staff were very efficient and helpful.
By - Mark Norman on Jul 03,14

Great product and value for your money. Would not hesitate to recommend this cabin.
By - Brian Gazzard on Jul 03,14

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