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Product Maintenance Guide - Atlas and Hercules Garages and Carports

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In order for your Garage to have a prolonged life it is vitally important that you take the correct measures to maintain it properly.

So what preparations do you need to focus on, to execute adequate Garage maintenance?


The Key Areas to focus on when Performing Maintenance


atlas double wooden garage with open door


Here at Dunster House, we recommend that systematic checks are carried out on your wooden garage or carport at least once a year. Here is a list of the key areas to focus on when performing maintenance;



For more detail on how you can perform the key maintenance to your garage outlined above, please read on for our comprehensive guide.


Protecting the Timber

wall panel carport


At Dunster House we like to make our customers lives that much easier. Our Hercules and Atlas garages are pressure treated which means they do not require treatment once erected.


Pressure-treating is a process which forces wood preservatives deep into the pre-cut timber giving it a more thorough application than through painting or spraying. Pressure-treating also allows for protection against fungal and insect attacks. However, to get the best protection possible, pressure treated wood still requires an additional water repellent solution to protect it against rotting.


Looking out for rain damage and leaks


During the cleaning process it is useful to note where the dirt splatters and rain spots have built up on the walls and may be causing damage. Here you should be taking extra measures to protect your garage against these elements in those areas.


This can be vital for locating certain areas of your garage that you may need to waterproof with a silicone sealant (available from DIY stores). Common problem areas include the joints around the windows and doors, the interlocking corners from under the roof to the foundations, and any visible gaps on the log ends.


Garage roof


Your garage is going to get wet when it rains, but positioning it so that wet trees will not drip onto the roof can make all the difference. Regardless of the position, it is vital that the roof of your garage has wide eaves to prevent rain or snow from coming into unrestricted contact with the exterior garage walls. If you choose to add shingles to the roof of your garage, they normally include a waterproof durable thick plastic membrane which provides extra protection. During periods of heavy snowfall, you should brush off any snow that accumulates on the roof, as well as making sure to clear any snow from the surrounding area.  


hercules carport wooden roof



Good quality garages come equipped with secure locks. Our dual point system features a deadbolt and latch and a pre-fitted metal keep to receive them.

Of course at Dunster House, we’re committed to making sure you get the best so if you have any questions, we’re happy to help! Contact us if you need any help or further information, or why not visit our Learn More section to find out all you should about a Dunster House Garage.

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