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Product Maintenance Guide - Summerhouses
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Product Maintenance Guide: Summerhouses


Although our specialist in-house designs ensure that all the summerhouses we sell are built to last, performing regular maintenance will help prolong their life and protect your investment.


The Key Areas to focus on when Performing Maintenance are.

How to maintain a summerhouse:



For more detail on how you can perform the key maintenance to your summerhouse outlined above, please read on for our comprehensive guide.


Positioning, cleaning and inspecting for damage


Performing maintenance on your summerhouse roof

Performing maintenance on your summerhouse floor

If your summerhouse sits on an uneven base, not only will its structure eventually deteriorate, but it will be more susceptible to leaking and rot. Here is some advice on creating a flat and resilient base for your summerhouse's floor:


Many people choose a concrete slab for the base of their summerhouse. However, at Dunster House, we sell Premium RapidGrid foundations that are a cheaper and more effective alternative to building a concrete base. Click here for more information on Premium RapidGrids.


Performing maintenance on your summerhouse walls



Re-treating your wooden summerhouse

As your summerhouse's timber is continually exposed to damaging UV light and moisture, you will need to re-treat it regularly in order to preserve your investment. Dunster House sells wooden garden building treatments in an assortment of varieties and budgets in our extras range. Be aware of the lifespan of the treatment you have chosen. Reapply within the manufacturers recommended timeframe.




Inspecting for insect and pest infestation

If your summerhouse has become a safe haven for arachnids, insects and other pests, there are a number of things that you can do:


Moisture Control 

Damage caused by damp is your summerhouse's worst enemy. So when performing maintenance, you should always be looking to minimise the conditions that could create damp. Here are some approaches you should consider for doing that:



At Dunster House, we’re committed to making sure you get the best so if you have any questions, we’re happy to help! Contact us if you need any help or further information.


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