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Diet - What do Rabbits Eat
Just like us, rabbits need a healthy balanced diet. 80% of a rabbit’s diet should be grass or hay, 15% greens and 5% pellets.
Ways to Get Your Rabbit to Eat More Hay
At least 80% of a rabbit’s diet should be hay (or grass), but a worrying number of rabbit owners report that their bunny eats little or no hay. Hay is an extremely important part of a rabbit’s diet, as the high fibre content is essential for maintaining a healthy gut and teeth, as well as alleviating boredom.
Is My Rabbit Overweight?
In the wild, a rabbit will be constantly running around, foraging for food or escaping danger, preventing them from becoming overweight. Whereas, well loved pet rabbits will often be indulged, safe and probably not exercise as much, which can lead to weight gain. Many owners do not even realise that their bunnies are overweight, but excess weight or obesity is a serious issue for domestic rabbits. It can put strain on the cardiovascular system and joints, and impair a rabbit’s ability to properly groom and clean themselves