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Rabbitopia features


Introducing our range of Rabbitopias suitable for all size rabbits up to 4kg, expertly designed to improve the life of your rabbits. Inspired by our bunny lover, Alex Murphy, we have created the ultimate bunny home. The Rabbitopia is unlike anything you will see on the market and boasts some impressive features, including our unique above ground burrow, the SkyBurrow.



The SkyBurrow features four shelves, not ramps that aren’t designed for furry bunny feet, they end up sliding off! The shelves lead up to our fantastic SkyDen. The SkyDen is insulated, consisting of 50mm walls and ceiling made up of 12.5mm thick timber either side of 25mm polyurethane insulation in the walls to ensure your rabbits are kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The SkyDen features two removable panels that allow you to interact with and clean out your rabbits.

To protect your rabbits we use heavy duty 18g galvanised weld mesh to prevent predators getting in and bunnies escaping. The galvanised steel mesh we use is not be confused with inferior chicken wire, rabbit netting or lower grade mesh. The mesh roof stops birds of prey attacking or taking rabbits, therefore ensuring that your rabbits are well protected.




To further protect your rabbits the lower timber fox guarding prevents foxes, cats or dogs from nibbling at a resting bunny lying against a side wall. The fox guarding also reduces potentially lethal stress to rabbits if a predator gets close to the rabbit.





The Rabbitopia features a corner seat so you can interact with your rabbits. It also features a step-over door frame entrance door meaning rabbits are less inclined to escape when you open the door. The door also opens outward so that you do not hit an inquisitive bunny.





The Rabbitopia is pressure treated which means it comes with a 10 year warranty, protecting it against rot, fungus and insect infestation, resulting in a safe and long lasting product. The pressure treatedment we use is Tanalith ‘E’ Tanatone which is non-toxic, ensuring no harm to your rabbits.





The Rabbitopia comes with some fantastic optional extras. The optional mesh flooring prevents rabbits from digging out and prevents predators from digging in. The mesh can be turfed in between the floor timber or covered with a light coating of soil and grass seed.




There is also the option of an interaction shed which allows you to spend time with your rabbits in all weather conditions. It includes a large canopy that continues over part of the cage to give some weather protection. It also features a handy storage bench which can be used for storing food, treats or other rabbit paraphernalia yet also doubles as a seat for interacting with your rabbits.