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Rabbits Are Crepuscular Creatures



Rabbits at NightRabbits live on a different body clock to humans, they are crepuscular creatures, meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk. Rabbits have developed to live in this way, as in the wild these are the best times to go out to find food, because the low levels of light help them to spot and hide from predators. [78] That’s why it’s so important for rabbits to have 24 hour access to an area they can run around in whenever they want, and be free to behave in a natural way.


Rabbits need both a sheltered bolthole to relax and an area they can safely run about in. [4] It’s great if you have the space to let them run around your bunny proofed garden, but just like young children, rabbits shouldn’t really be left out unattended. It’s not worth the risk, it only takes ONE attack to find out it was a mistake. However, you might not have as much time as you’d like to stay out with them keeping guard for any foxes, birds of prey, or local cats that might be lurking nearby. And you certainly wouldn’t leave them out overnight, you’d tuck them away safely in their hutch. That’s why they need adequate accommodation that not only offers them a secure sheltered area, but also the freedom to exercise or rest as they please. (See our Rabbit Housing page for suitable accommodation ideas).


Rabbits are creatures of habit, and like to stick to a routine. Typically, rabbits wake very early in the morning, another reason why it’s important they have a good supply of hay or grass, to ensure they have enough food if you aren’t up yet to feed them. They are generally then active until about mid morning, when they’ll usually retire to their sleeping area to rest or get a couple of hours sleep. They may emerge sporadically to eat or go toilet, but you should try not to disrupt your rabbits during their sleeping times. They tend to come back out in the early evening, which is usually when they are at their most sociable. Activity may continue late into the night, often after you go to bed, but rabbits will get a few hours sleep during the night, ready for their early start the next day. [78