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Glamping is becoming more popular in the UK due to the high cost of overseas holidays. The new Glamping experience arises in the shape of a Pod! Enjoying the outdoors no longer requires tiresome hours of putting up a tent. Glamping is now easy, practical and enjoyable all year round, regardless of the weather.

This new innovative approach is also environmentally friendly and a great success with campers all over the world. Pods are insulated to a very high standard. They are also comfortable, secure, spacious, cosy, warm and affordable. Great for couples and small families, they have been providing shelter for many years.

Commercial and personal use

Commercial Use. Our glamping pods are sold in sections making it easier to assemble on site and can be used as a renting business that will pay for itself in a very short time. They don’t require any expensive foundations and are ideal for Campsites, Fishing Lakes, Bed & Breakfast Accommodation, Agri-tourism, Small Hotels and Public Houses.

Their unique design makes them an attractive feature that adds a bit of luxury to any glamping site. They will also fit in really naturally with rural surroundings and have a positive aesthetic impact on the landscape. They will offer beyond any doubt a peaceful, relaxing and energizing break to whoever uses it.

Personal Use. Glamping pods are ideal for those people who want to connect with nature but also households with limited space, providing extra accommodation. Our pods can be used as Garden Offices or workspaces for your latest DIY project, as a Man Cave or simply as a relaxation room at the bottom of the garden.
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